Video: How To Fix A Crack In Your Plastic Gas Tank


How To Repair A Crack In The Plastic Gas Tank On Your Dirt Bike

Cracking your gas tank sucks twice; first, you get stranded, then you have to get a new tank.

If you have a metal tank, no problem, hose it out and weld it back together. If you have a plastic tank, your options are limited.

Long story short, JB weld PlasticWeld does not work. It was only $8, I was in a hurry, and I could get it locally, so I gave it a shot. I was suddenly no longer in a hurry for round two, so I had time to fix my tank correctly.

My go-to is the Blue Magic Quiksteel Plastic Gas Tank Repair Kit, which you get here if you don’t have one yet. I’ve never had to repair a crack this bad, but I’m not too worried, this stuff is really good.

You can see the Step-By-Step Guide Here.

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