Video: 1997-2001 Honda CR250 – Top End Service – Part 11: Piston Installation

How To Install The Piston On Your 1997 – 2001 Honda CR250

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The Tools You Will Need Are:

  • Feeler Gauges
  • Small Pick
  • 2-Stroke Oil
  • Assembly Lube

Honda CR250 Top End Service Steps:

The Parts You Will Need Are:
– New ’97-’01 Honda CR250 Piston Rings
– New Piston Pin Clips

If you are installing a new piston, I suggest a Pro X piston kit. It’s a cast piston, so it’s a little heavier than forged, but it costs much less. Pro X is distributed and supported by Wiseco, so if you have any questions you can just call.

I already put together an article covering piston selection so I’m not going to go into that here, but a cast piston works for me, because I will be installing it in a bike I use for enduro.

But just in case you’re curious, here are your options.

  • OEM – $75
  • Pro X (Cast) – $85
  • Wiseco (Forged) – $122
  • Vetrex (Cast) – $138

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