Video: 1994 – 2001 Yamaha YZ125 – Clutch Rebuild


How To Service The Clutch On Your 94-01 Yamaha YZ125

1994 - 2001 Yamaha YZ125 - Clutch Rebuild - FeaturedYou can remove and install your clutch through the clutch cover, but since I’m doing a full engine overhaul, my right crankcase cover was off during install.

Before you start:

  • Outline the clutch cover bolt pattern on a piece of cardboard and transfer your bolts from your engine to the cardboard as you go.
  • Everything will be covered in oil, so have baggies and towels ready.
  • Drain your oil.
  • Put your bike in first gear.
  • Disconnect your clutch cable.
  • You will need a clutch holding tool to loosen and torque the center nut safely.

See The Step-by-Step Clutch Rebuild Walkthrough Here

Clutch Specifications:

  • Spring Free Length – 38.1mm
  • Friction Disc – 2.7mm
  • Clutch disc – 1.2mm
  • Center Bolts – 59 ft-lbs
  • Spring Bolts – 88 in-lbs

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