Can You Increase Fuel Mileage With Gadgets?

If Travel To Ride, You Want Better Fuel Mileage, Right?

Do Fuel Saving Accessories Actually Increase Fuel Mileage?I’m going to bet that you are continually looking for ways to increase fuel mileage, especially with the fluctuating price of fuel.

However, it’s a myth that you will get better gas mileage by installing a fuel-saving accessory in your car; they don’t work. SURPRISE!

I’m sure you’ve come across one of the many websites or infomercials that sell a range of accessories supposedly designed to cut down your fuel costs. And there seem to be even more of these sites every time the price of fuel goes up. It’s difficult not to take these sites seriously, especially when they include positive reviews from satisfied customers, along with believable scientific statistics and explanations.

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Actual Testing Says No

The EPA found that fuel consumption increased when using some of these Accessories. Because these devices occupy space in your vehicle’s air intake pipe, they tend to restrict the flow of air to the engine. This restricted air flow makes your engine work hard to make the same power without the obstruction, which negatively impacts fuel mileage.

Wouldn’t Auto Makers Be Using This Stuff?

The auto industry spends millions of dollars each year on research and development, a good chunk of which goes towards researching environmentally friendly vehicles that are more efficient to operate. Of course, all newly manufactured cars would have a fuel-saving accessory fitted to them if they worked as promised. It should be a red flag that no vehicle manufacturer uses any of these fuel-saving accessories.

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Is There Any Way To Save On Fuel?

Unfortunately, the best you can do is maintain your fuel economy. Keeping your tires inflated to the right pressure, and changing your air filter, and oil regularly is a start. After that, keep an eye on anything that rotates; if you hear something rubbing or grinding, do something about it!

You can increase fuel efficiency by letting your engine breathe better, but that would require a new intake and exhaust, and they can get expensive fast. Also, it costs nothing to change the way you drive, and that too can help you get the most compression for your buck. Sorry, I had to…

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