How To Reverse Bleed The Brake Systems On Your Dirt Bike

How To Reverse Bleed, Fill Or Replace The Brake Fluid On Your Dirt Bike.

Bleeding Tools And Supplies:How To Reverse Bleed The Brake Systems On Your Dirt Bike - Featured

  • Two Large Syringes
  • Hose
  • Zip Ties
  • Handy Wire
  • Towels
  • Brake Cleaner
  • 8mm Wrench

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Reverse Bleeding Setup

Prep your bike by wrapping the brake caliper and reservoir in a towel, and removing the reservoir cap.1 - Wrap Caliper With Towel2 - Wrap Master Cylinder With Towel3 - Remove Reservoir CapAttach your hose to your filling syringe and secure it with a zip tie, then draw in fresh fluid. 4 - Attach Hose To Syringe 5 - Secure Hose To Syringe With Zip Tie All brake systems have different capacities, so fill your syringe with at least 150ccs.6 - Fill Syringe With Brake Fluid To At Least 150ccTurn your syringe, so the hose is facing up, let the fluid settle, then push the fluid to the end of the tube.7 - Flip Syringe To Purge Air8 - Push Brake Fluid To End Of Tube

Reverse Bleed Your Brake Line

Attach the end of the hose to the bleeding nipple, and secure with a zip tie.9 - Attach Hose To Bleeder Nipple10 - Secure Hose To Bleeder Nipple With Zip TieYou will get some air in the line, but that’s ok, you can usually work it back into the syringe.11 - Work Air Bubbles Back Into Syringe Loop the base of your syringe with handy wire, then hang it off your bike.12 - Hang Syringe Off Bike With WireThis setup will allow you to fill and skim in one shot.

Before you start reverse bleeding, remove the contents of the reservoir using your second skimming syringe.13 - Remove Fluid From Reservoir Apply some pressure to your syringe, then open the bleeder valve ¼ to ½ turn.14 - Open Bleeder Valve And Inject New Brake Fluid You want to keep a slow, steady pressure on the syringe. Once the fluid starts flowing, keep an eye on your reservoir.

If you are replacing fluid, skim the old fluid when it reaches ¾ capacity, and continue until fresh fluid reaches the reservoir, then fill and remove a little more just to be safe.15 - Skim Old Fluid As You Go You can see the difference between the old and new brake fluid.16 - Old And New Brake Fluid Difference When you are filling a dry system after a brake service, fill the system until the reservoir reaches ¾ capacity, then skim and fill a few more times to ensure all air is purged.

Install the reservoir cap and bladder with overflow, to remove as much air from the reservoir as possible.17 - Install Reservoir Cap WITH OverflowTest your brakes, and if everything feels right, pull the tube and wipe your caliper down with brake cleaner.

If you have any questions about brake bleeding, please let me know in the comments or on social.

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