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How Are Octane Ratings Tested?

How Are Octane Ratings Tested?

The most reliable way of testing the octane value of a fuel is to use a CFR (Cooperative Fuel Research) engine (AKA knock engine). The CFR testing method was developed in the 1920s as a reliable way to measure octane levels, and the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) still uses is to this day. Not the exact came engine though.
Do Fuel Saving Accessories Work

Can You Increase Fuel Mileage With Gadgets?

I'm going to bet that you are continually looking for ways to save on fuel costs, especially with the fluctuating price of fuel. However, it's a myth that you will get better fuel consumption by installing a fuel saving device in your car; they don't work. SUPRISE!
What Is Octane - Featured

Can I Run AvGas In My Dirt Bike?

AvGas, also known as Aviation Gasoline, is appealing to riders because of the high octane rating, low price (when compared to race gas), and its relative availability. These benefits make it out to be an obvious choice when looking for performance, but some aspects would suggest otherwise.
What Is Octane - Featured

What is Octane? How Does It Affect My Engine?

Without going into depth about chemistry, octane refers to the measure of a fuel's resistance to detonation. The higher the octane level, the less susceptible fuel is to pre-ignition and detonation, also known as "knock."
Do Octane Booster Work

Do Octane Boosters Work? Yes, But…

Do Those Flashy Bottles At the AutoZone Counter Do What They Claim? Bottled octane boosters can, without doubt, technically raise the octane of the gasoline in your tank. However, the extent by which they increase the octane depends on two significant variables; product and fuel dilution. On the one hand, high-quality octane boosters can deliver the octane increases they claim.
Pump Gas VS Race Gas

When To Use Pump Gas VS. Race Gas

The term “high performance” gets thrown around a lot when talking about engines and the vehicles they power, but real high performance requires high performance fuels. Real high performance engines are designed to create as much power as possible at the cost of longevity, and they can not achieve their full potential on pump gas… Unless you build engines like Koenigsegg, which you don’t.
What Is Avgas?

The Origins Of AvGas – The Original Performance Fuel

Before we get into a discussion on using AvGas (aviation gas) in your dirt Bike, let’s take a minute to learn about its origins as the first high octane performance fuel! AvGas is the fuel that won World War 2 and pushed the limits of human flight. Without it, the P-51 Mustang would not have controlled the skies, nor commercial aviation be developed.
How The Rear Wheel Hub Works On Your Dirt Bike

How The Rear Wheel Hub Works On Your Dirt Bike

Understanding how your rear hub works will save you time and effort when you perform your routine maintenance. Unlike the front hub, the rear has 3 bearings instead of just 2, and a bearing retainer that screws into the brake side of the hub. There are 2 bearings on the sprocket side, and 1 bearing on the brake side. The double bearing on the sprocket side is needed to handle the torque from the engine.
How The Front Wheel Hub Works On Your Dirt Bike

How The Front Wheel Hub Works On Your Dirt Bike

How Your Front Wheel Hub Works - Your front hub components are: Axle, Spacers, Bearings, Beating Seals, Axle Nut, & Pinch Bolts. The wheel bearings are the most important part of the wheel hub. These are the only parts of the wheel hub that move. The inner bearing race rides on the axle, and the outer bearing race is a press fit to the bore of the hub. Axle In Front Bearings The inner and outer bearing race are connected...
Why I Run A Natural Rubber Tube

Why I Run Natural Rubber Tubes On My Dirt Bike

Both natural and synthetic rubbers have their pros and cons, but that is a very in depth topic that I won't get into here. This article will focus on the benefits of using a natural rubber inner tube for dirt bikes. Natural rubber is made from the sap of the rubber tree. I know that sounds made up, but there are several varieties of these plants, and "rubber tree" is the generic term.