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Your dirt bike won’t run right if it’s not tuned right… right? Your body is no different.  After all, what determines a podium and a DNF? You or your bike?  Even if you don’t race motocross or enduro, being physically fit lets you ride longer and have more fun. Here are some easy exercises to help you get in shape and ride your best!

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Improve Your Dirt Bike Riding With A DIY Balance Board - Featured

This D.I.Y. Balance Board Will Improve Your Dirt Bike Riding!

For the past few years, I’ve been using a 2×4 on a dumbbell for balance practice as part of my workout circuit. I went this route because an Indo board cost around $200 and f**k you! $200 for a piece of wood and a cylinder?

Rider Fitness: 8 Principles of Strength and Endurance

Here Are The 8 Basic Principles To Build & Maintain Strength & Endurance

8 Strength & Endurance Principles for Enduro and Motocross – I think we can all agree that enduro, cross county and motocross is a brutally demanding sport, and that your body plays a crucial role in how well you ride. That’s why it’s imperative that you make strength and endurance training a priority, second only to riding time. Because it’s through strength and endurance that you are able to maintain your balance, overcome arm pump, fight…


Video: Forget What Your Friends Say, You Need To Find The Right Handlebar Grips For YOU!

Finding the right Dirt Bike Grip for you and your Dirt Bike is extremely important. Having the correct grip for your hand will help you avoid blisters and even help reduce arm pump. If your dirt bike grips are wrong for you, test out as many grips as you can to find the one that works best for YOU.

Rider Fitness: 3 Benefits of Strengthening Your Grip

Here Are The 3 Biggest Benefits Of Improving Your Grip On Your Dirt Bike

The 3 Biggest Benefits of Improving Your Dirt Bike Grip – As a dirt bike rider, one of the most important techniques you can develop early on in your career is that of dirt bike bike. A better grip (with both arms and legs) will, in most cases, drastically increase your performance in a short amount of time. In this article, I’m going to share with you the major benefits of improving your dirt bike grip and a couple…

Rider Fitness: Stamina and Endurance Training

Increasing Your Stamina & Endurance Will Give You The Mental & Physical Edge!

Essential Rider Fitness Series: Stamina – The Definition of stamina is “the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort.” When most motorcycle riders think about this, they think only about the physical side of it; but both the physical and mental aspects of endurance are important while on the track. Stamina goes hand-in-hand with endurance. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Endurance wins races” before, right? It’s true. Endurance wins races…

Rider Fitness: Aerobic VS Anaerobic Training

Understanding Aerobic VS Anaerobic Training Will Take Your Fitness To The Next Level

Aerobic Versus Anaerobic: Why You Need Both – There are basically two general forms of exercise: aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise means exercise that includes oxygen. And anaerobic exercise is exercise that lacks oxygen. While each form of exercise is the polar opposite of its counterpart, both are present in almost every exercise routine you participate in. For example, when you’re completely still, your body…

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