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Basic First Aid

When your dirt bike crashes you most likely crash with it. Fixing yourself is similar to fixing your bike, external damage, internal damage, and traumatic injury.  In this first aid training you will learn the basic first aid required to treat common injuries associated with motocross and enduro. As with all training, nothing compares to the real thing, so when you do find yourself in a situation where you or your riding buddy require first aid, make sure you know what you’re doing!


External First Aid Training Poison Ivy Oak Sumac

How To Treat Poison Ivy, Oak, & Sumac – First Aid

Do you know what poison ivy is? Have you ever had an especially intense itch? Of course you have, don’t lie. Think about how crazy it drove you, and how you wanted nothing more than to make it stop. Remember how awesome it felt to scratch that itch and finally get relief? Now, imagine getting that same itch, multiplying its intensity by ten, and having to deal with it for two straight weeks with only the tiniest bit of relief. If you can imagine that, then you’ll…

Internal First Aid Training Heat Stroke

How To Treat Heat Stroke And Save a Life! – First Aid

What Is Heatstroke? – Heat stroke is the most serious and life-threatening illness of the three heat-related illnesses – cramps, exhaustion, and stroke. It occurs as a result of the body overheating. And it can do serious damage within a short amount of time – damage to the heart, brain, kidneys and muscles. The longer heatstroke goes untreated, the worse the damage will become – eventually leading to death…

First Aid: Trauma Neck

Learn How To SAFELY Treat Neck Injuries On The Track & Trail – First Aid

The three most common types of neck injuries are strains, sprains, and fractures. Of these three types, neck strains and sprains are the most common due to the neck’s soft tissue taking the brunt of the damage on a majority of neck injuries.
The bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and nerve endings in your neck all work together. What this means is that if one of these areas gets damaged, it’s very likely that another area is, or will become, injured, also…

Types Of Fractures Header

Learn How To Identify Different Types Of Bone Fractures – First Aid

There are three injuries that are common among athletes – strains, sprains, and fractures. And among those three, fractures are the most serious. Fractures come in a variety of different shapes, types, and sizes. Also, they can occur at just about any location on your body (where bones are present). At first sight, that can make proper treatment of a fracture a bit intimidating. The good news is that almost all fractures can be treated the same…

Internal First Aid Training Going into Shock

Learn The Signs And Symptoms Of Going Into Shock And How To Treat It – First Aid

How To Tell If Someone Is Going Into Shock And What To Do About It – I can’t think of too many things that are more frightening and nerve-wrecking than seeing someone go into shock. That’s probably because you must act immediately once you notice the first set of symptoms. There’s no time to think. You have to act… fast! Almost like you’re on autopilot. But it’s difficult to do that if you’re not sure what to look for or how to properly treat it. Shock can…

External First Aid Training - Black Eyes

How To Treat A Black Eye With Basic First Aid

A black eye is formed from bleeding under the skin’s surface. Usually, a black eye is no cause for concern; however, with the presence of blood, even if it’s under the skin, comes the potential of a serious injury. In this case, the serious injuries will most always involve either the eye or skull. Eye-related Injuries. Any trauma to the eye region can potentially cause hyphema – a condition in which blood seeps into the eye(s). The bleeding can occur in one…

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