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Yamaha Motorsports Company Profile

Yamaha has its hands in a bit of it all – power products, watercraft, musical instruments, and even helicopters. But Yamaha will always be synonymous with motorcycles. That’s because not many companies know motorcycles like Yamaha Motorsports does.

Yamaha Motorsports LogoThe company’s been around for 127+ years, and a large chunk of that time has been spent improving its line of premier motorcycles. They continue to impress the masses with each new bike launched, steadily building its impressive inventory of motorcycles for various classes; and it shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

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History of Yamaha Motorcycles

In 1887, Torakusu Yamaha founded Nippon Gakki Company, Limited, the forerunner for Yamaha Corporation, as a manufacturer for pianos and reed organs. They would continue to manufacture musical instruments for the next several decades. It wasn’t until shortly after World War II that Yamaha dipped its toes in the motorcycle market.

1955 Yamaha YA-1 Motorcycle
1955 Yamaha YA-1 Motorcycle

In 1955, Yamaha’s first motorcycle, the YA-1, was produced and sold in Japan. By 1958, They were distributing their motorcycles to the United States, and the bikes were gaining popularity with motorcycle enthusiasts. Then, in

1968, the DT-1 Enduro, the world’s first dual-purpose motorcycle, was released in the U.S. and changed the American motorcycle industry’s landscape. It was a groundbreaking motorcycle that, along with the 1975 YZ250, helped catapult Yamaha Motorsports into the public spotlight.

In 1977, Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA was founded. Afterward, They continued to expand its line of bikes, introducing the famous Star line of bikes in 1996. Today, they remain a top-shelf company in regards to several different markets – motorcycles, ATVs, musical instruments, power products, and more.

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Bike Quality

Yamaha motorcycles are commonly regarded as some of the highest quality built bikes in the industry. That reputation has been acquired due in part to their strict quality control requirements during production and its collective experience in creating competitive motorcycles. From the performance of the bikes’ engines to the detailed finishes, Yamaha always ranks towards the top in overall quality.

1975 Yamaha YZ-250
1975 Yamaha YZ-250

Also, to build quality, Yamaha Motorsports has a pervasive selection of bikes to choose from. The range supports all levels of performance, from hobbyists to pro athletes, and beginners to seasoned veterans. And with every bike, This company delivers the same high standard of quality.

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Awards and Recognition
  • Yamaha YZ250F – Winner of’s 2014 250MX Shootout
1968 Ymaha DT-1 Enduro
1968 Yamaha DT-1 Enduro
Public Opinion

Ever since the runaway success of Yamaha’s DT-1 and YZ250, the public has viewed this company as one of the elite motorcycle manufacturers in the world. To state it simply, you know what you’re getting when you purchase a Yamaha. The company’s relentless dedication to performance and quality is evident and is illustrated in bike enthusiasts’ eagerness to remain fans for life.

If you were to ask someone who’s been dedicated to performance motorcycles over the past several years which company they thought built the best bikes on the most consistent basis, Yamaha Motorsports is all but guaranteed to come up in the discussion.

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