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Steahly Off-Road Company Profile

Steahly Off-Road is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of flywheel weights for off-road racers, motocross riders, trail riders, and other bike enthusiasts. The company has been in operation for over 25 years and is still consistently improving its flywheels to meet today’s growing standards. Throughout its history, Steahly Off-Road has always proven itself to be a company of integrity, quality, and innovation, which is why it remains one of the staple companies in the high-performance motorcycle racing industry.

Steahly Off Road’s History

Steahly Off Road GraphicChuck Steahly got involved in off-road racing over 30 years ago, and from the moment he got involved, he fell in love with the industry. He was one of the first people to uncover the benefits of using flywheel weights on bikes to improve performance, and he decided to share what he discovered with the rest of the world in 1987 when he founded the company, Steahly Off-Road.

Thanks to the company’s commitment, determination, and continued success of its flywheel weights, they have expanded their product line to include flywheel weights for almost all major motorcycle manufacturers and their most popular bike models. In recent years, they’ve also begun offering top-quality motorcycle and dirt bike parts and accessories. Their products are now sold worldwide.

Steahly Off Road’s Quality

Steahly 5oz Flywheel for KTM 300 XC-W
Steahly 5oz Flywheel for the KTM 300 XC-W

Innovation and quality are both characteristics that put Steahly Off-Road onto the map in 1987, and they’re also the reason why the company is still considered the undisputed leader of the flywheel weight market. You would be hard-pressed to find a better quality flywheel weight in the industry.

Steahly flywheel weights are constructed out of solid steel billet on computer-operated lathes. It strives to provide true balance and superior strength with each flywheel weight it manufactures while ensuring the weight fits each bike perfectly. It’s common knowledge that almost all flywheels can be installed on its designated bike in under an hour.

Steahly Off-Road manufactures and distributes flywheel weights for all of the significant performance motorcycle manufacturers – Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha, Husaberg, and Husqvarna. Each flywheel weight is custom designed for each specific make and model, and most popular models are covered.

Chuck Steahly himself still designs some of the flyweights, and personally tests them to make sure they’re up to his high personal standards.

Awards & Recognition

  • Andrew Short used a Steahly Flywheel to win the East/West Supercross with a RM 125.
  • MX Action Magazine named the Steahly Flywheel “One of the 35 Products Guaranteed to Make You Faster.”

The Public’s Opinion

Riders from all corners of the high-performance motorcycle industry revere Steahly Off-Road as the pioneer of flywheel weights. The company is highly regarded and respected for its contribution to the world of off-road motorcycling. And today, it is the go-to resource for all things flywheel weight-related.

Steahly Off Road’s success comes from creating a truly innovative product, continually improving the performance of that product, and offering impeccable service for users of that product.

I use flywheels weights in all of my trail bike conversions, as well as my purpose-built trail bikes.  These weights from Steahly Off-Road are the easiest way to tame an unruly motocross bike for the woods and add even more control to technical bikes.

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