Company Profiles: MOTOREX – Motorex, A Strong Brand That Combines Innovation With Tradition

Company Profile: MOTOREX

Motor performance and lubricants go hand in hand. You cannot expect a cranky rusted engine to offer the same level of performance as a well-lubricated one. For one, some forces of nature such as friction will work against you. Apart from performing dismally, your vehicle’s moving parts will wear out quickly. This leads to you spending money to replace them. So what do you do to increase performance and decrease wear and tear? The answer is simple, use innovative lubricants from MOTOREX!

Motorex Racing Oils featured imageWould you prefer someone who has had experience doing something instead of someone who has none? With 90 years of experience producing petroleum products, to say MOTOREX is an expert in its industry is an understatement. Something impressive is that they are the largest independent refiner of crude oil in Switzerland. Investing heavily in the research and development of its current products, which are chemicals and lubricants, and consistently looking forward to unveiling new products, MOTOREX has set its eyes on being the best producer of petroleum products in the world. With over 2,000 products that are firmly established in the market, This oil manufacturer is on the right path towards achieving market dominance.

motorex cross power synthetic 2t
Motorex Cross Power Synthetic 2t

Such a massive company requires a vast number of highly skilled and trained professionals to handle the research, development, and manufacture of its products. For this reason, MOTOREX has employed over 220 employees who are highly motivated and focused on achieving the goals of the company. Working together as a team with only one goal, these professionals have been able to propel MOTOREX to market leadership.

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Eco-Friendly Oil Production

With global warming and the negative impact that manufacturing industries and their products have had on the environment, it is essential that all companies do their best to make their operations and products Eco-friendly. For this reason, MOTOREX has been at the forefront of environmental friendliness in the oil industry. With an entire process that goes green, MOTOREX has the environment at heart. From research to development, to production, and then to sales, their procedures have been designed to have a minimal negative impact on the environment. MOTOREX values the safety of its products. That is why all its products are safe to use, recycle, and dispose of. Investing more and more money in coming up with greener procedure, it is evident that MOTOREX is at the leading edge of Eco-friendliness.

motorex KTM racing synthetic 4t
Motorex KTM Racing Synthetic 4t

MOTOREX products enjoy a broad customer base. They are the recommended oil for many manufacturers, including the all mighty KTM which says explicitly on the crankcase to use MOTOREX for their 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycles. Not only are they used by manufacturing plants, but they also enjoy usage by motoring professionals and top amateurs who require high-performance output from their vehicles. A product breakdown ranges from aerosol sprays, bicycle care products, synthetic engine oils, care products for motorcycles, care products for ATVs, and lubricants.

With Eco-friendly processes and products, high-performance products, global presence, and substantial investment in research and development, MOTOREX is the petroleum products company to watch out for!

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