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Leatt Braces Company Profile

Leatt Corporation, Inc. is a leading provider of performance braces, protective gear, and apparel for the motorsports and cycling industries. The company became an overnight success with the major release of its first neck brace in 2006 and has continued to improve and expand its line of products ever since. Today, Leatt Lab – the company’s state-of-the-art research and development center – ensures they stay on top of cutting-edge safety innovations to offer the best in neck and knee braces, body armor, and riding apparel.

Leatt Braces Logo Compnay ProfileA Brief History of Leatt

Leatt’s history begins with an unfortunate incident. In 2001, Dr. Chris Leatt, founder of the company, attended an enduro event where a rider named Alan Selby suffered a fatal neck injury. After witnessing the aftermath and personally tending to Selby, Dr. Leatt decided to put his son’s riding on hold until he could find a way to protect him from neck injuries. That search ultimately led to Dr. Leatt’s decision to develop his neck brace.

He began developing his first neck brace prototype shortly after the Selby incident and finalized production in 2004. He sold his first products in his home country of South Africa.

In 2006 the motocross neck brace (called the Leatt-Brace) was officially introduced to the public at the 6th International Motorcycle Conference in Germany. The following year the Brace was featured on the cover of RacerX magazine, who also awarded it “Product of the Year.” Shortly after, demand for the brace took off.

Leatt Corporation, Inc. continued to flourish and grow and expand. In 2008, Leatt Lab was founded, and in 2010 the company’s popularity grew even more with endorsements by downhill mountain bike star, Sam Hill, and SuperCross Mega Star, Ryan Dungey.

Today, they continue to win awards for their outstanding products and holds fast to its position as the undisputed leader in protective braces and gear for performance sports enthusiasts.

Leatt’s Product Quality

Leatt places quality and performance above every other metric. Dr. Leatt’s mission is to provide only the highest quality products to the company’s customers – even if that means a more significant investment in research and development. He started the business to save lives, and that’s the force that still drives him today.

Leatt Lab plays a significant role in the development of each of Leatt’s products – collaborating with the top safety experts to research and develop innovations to improve the protection, comfort, and weight of each product before its release to the public. That’s part of why Leatt doesn’t rush products to market – something that isn’t common in today’s competitive industry.

Awards and Recognition (Small Selection)

  • 2007 – Winner of RacerX’s Product of the Year
  • 2007 – Leatt-Brace rated 5/5 by Motocross Action
  • 2009 – Winner of SAMIA Award for Outstanding Safety Achievement
  • 2009 – Innovations Award at Eurobike Winner
  • 2009 – Readers of Motocross Action vote Leatt neck brace “Product of the Decade.”
  • 2010 – Ryan Dungey wins SuperCross Championship wearing the Moto GPX motocross neck brace

The Public’s Opinion

“Tough.” “Comfortable.” “Strong.” “Great Fit.”

That’s just a small selection of the words and phrases most often used by riders when they talk about Leatt’s line of products. The company is synonymous with quality and protection. For many riders, it just doesn’t get any better than Leatt braces and protectors.

Leatt products might not be the cheapest on the market, but they’re still one of the most popular. That’s because riders know what they’re getting with Leatt – a consistent combination of quality, protection, and comfort.

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