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Gaerne Company Profile

Gaerne Boot Co. is a world-leading provider of performance motorcycle boots. For over 45 years, Gaerne has supplied both hobbyists and professional riders with boots that not only offer protection but also provide comfort and boost performance. Gaerne is fully committed to delivering superior motorcycle boots, apparel, and accessories for men, women, and children.

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Gaerne Logo Fix Your Dirt BikeA Brief History of Gaerne Boots

Ernesto Gazzola founded the Gaerne Boot Company in 1962, during Italy’s post-war economic boom. The company started out crafting handmade leather casual, hiking, and trekking boots. Then, in the mid-Seventies, as a means of diversification, Ernesto’s company began to specialize in the manufacturing and distributing of motorcycle boots. From that point forward, business started to take off. Today, Gaerne remains a family-owned company, and still produces everyday hiking boots along with specialized motorcycle boots. It is regarded throughout the world as one of the premier providers of motorcycle boots and apparel.

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Made In Italy

The people at Gaerne take great pride in their Italian origins, and continuously strive to uphold the company’s “Made in Italy” distinction. Their primary tool for achieving that goal is to emphasize the overall quality of their boots.

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Research and development. Consistently invest in ongoing research and development. They aim to bring new, innovative technology to the industry and provide the latest in protection, performance, and comfort.

Comfort. Gaerne knows that comfort is just as important as performance. And it also recognizes that comfort doesn’t just mean how well the boots fit on riders’ feet, but also how well they fit on the rider’s bike. Garene strives to design boots that fit the specifications of certain bike styles without sacrificing the boots’ high level of comfort for riders’ feet.

Safety. Gaerne knows that a boot is virtually worthless if it doesn’t provide the proper amount of protection on the track. They pay particular attention to the quality of its boots’ straps, armor, buckles, and construction to ensure it’s providing the safest boot it possibly can.

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Boot Quality

Quality control. Gaerne has high standards when it comes to quality control. The company places strict guidelines in the creation of each boot to ensure the boots can withstand the elements and required riding conditions.

High-quality materials. Gaerne states on its website that “It’s about using the Right Leather, the strongest materials and the toughest soles to make Gaerne boots that fit “Just Right.” If the materials fail to meet the company’s high-quality standards, they don’t get used in the manufacturing of its boots. Full-grain premium leather, ACRONOS, and dual-composite rubber are just some of the materials they use in the construction of their boots.

Reliability. This goes hand-in-hand with high-quality materials. Gaerne demands that its boots are reliable on the track. Using the highest quality materials, the company aims to create boots that are durable and sustainable. This company wants its consumers to be 100% confident in their boots’ ability to withstand the daily vigor of riding.

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Public Opinion

Amongst the riding community, Gaerne is viewed as being one of the top providers of comfortable, reliable, and protective motorcycle boots. While they may not offer as full of a selection of motocross boots as other competitors, it does provide some of the highest quality boots in the industry. It’s that quality that has won respect, and wallets, of motorcycle riders all over the world, including myself.

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