Oregon 575214 Sure Sharp 12V Handheld Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Grinder - Thumb

Oregon Sure Sharp Handheld Chain Sharpener

The Oregon Sure Sharp kit includes three sharpening stones. You want to use the largest stone that fits at the correct angle, which is parallel with the top of the tooth. My chain can fit the smallest stone, but it does not contact the entire tooth, so I will be using the middle stone for my chain. You want the stone to contact the entire tooth to avoid creating a shelf underneath the cutting edge. Remove the guide plate to install the grinding stone. Press the detent to stop the collet from turning, and tighten the collet.
D.I.Y Leak Down Tester - Featured

DIY 2-Stroke Leak Down Tester

This Is My DIY 2-Stroke Leak Down Tester It may be ugly, but it only cost $25, and it gets the job done. I found all the parts I needed at my local hardware store except for the one way valve that I had to special order, and the exhaust plug I had to get
Android Endoscope header

Tool Review: Android Endoscope/Borescope Camera

This endoscope camera for android is awesome! I can't begin to guess how much time and money I've saved using this little camera to look inside engine and transmissions instead of tearing them apart. Everything is included, the camera, the adapter to capture video directly to...
DIY Dirt Bike Clutch Holder Tool Header

Super Biased Tool Review: Home Made Clutch Holding Tool For $2.95!

Need a clutch holder for your motorcycle clutch basket? Save a load of money with this easy DIY clutch holder tool! I paid $2.95 for all the parts for this home made clutch holding tool, granted, you may pay more or less depending on where you live, but no matter what it will be cheaper that a store bought clutch tool!