Suspension Review: Race Tech Gold Shock Valve Kit

As serious dirt bike riders, we spend a good bit of our time tweaking our bikes to suit our tastes and goals.  The more fine-tuned to our needs we can make the bike, the better off our rides (and times) will be.  So, the more we can tweak the better, especially if it results in more control over the bike.

Race Tech Gold Valve Kit
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The Race Tech Gold Shock Valve kit was designed to “rise above” the less-than-stellar performance of stock piston designs.  When you can drastically decrease the piston friction, the toughness and harshness of the suspension are significantly reduced.  And as you can guess, it results in a far smoother ride.

If you want to know all the details about the Race Tech Gold Shock Valve kit and how it works, feel free to keep reading the review below.

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Race Tech Gold Shock Valve Kit At-a-Glance

The kit includes the following: Shock Gold Valve Piston, valving shim, access to the online valving database, the “Technical Edge Shock Maintenance and Gold Valve Installation” video (available on DVD), and complete instructions on how to use the kit.

Benefits Of Using the Gold Shock Valve Kit

Race Tech Gold Shock Valve Kit PartsThe Race Tech Shock Valve Kit’s primary goal is to improve the overall performance of the dirt bike, and it accomplishes that goal in a variety of ways:

  • The system itself helps improve traction and give you better bottoming resistance while increasing the overall control of the bike.
  • A higher flow area allows for much-improved tunability – easily adjusted to fit your particular riding style.
  • Upon purchase, you gain access to Race Tech’s online valving database, which features the various fork and shock stacks.

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What Customers Are Saying About The Gold Shock Valve Kit

While there aren’t too many reviews currently available for the Gold Valve, what I have found has been all positive.  Customers are more than satisfied with the valve’s performance, its detailed instructions for installation (including modifying it to fit the particular rider), and the ease of installation.

One customer upgraded from stock and stated that the installation was not difficult.  He said it took some time for him to get the adjustments right, but once he did, he felt very comfortable on the track.

Another customer installed the kit on his 2005 CR250, made the instructed adjustments to fit his criteria and preferences (weight, riding skill and riding discipline) and was very surprised at the Race Tech Gold Shock Valve Kit’s performance.  He also had nothing but good things to say about Race Tech’s customer service.

Race Tech Gold Shock Valve
Race Tech Gold Shock Valve
Important Information to Know About the Gold Valve Kit
  • The kit does not fit all models of dirt bikes.  For a list of current models, it does fit; you can view’s Fitment guide, or input your bike’s make, year, and model before making your purchase.
  • The kit does include valves for both forks.  There is no need to buy two separate kits.
Where To Buy the Race Tech Gold Shock Valve Kit

Rocky Mountain usually has a supply of Race Tech Gold Shock Valve Kits in stock on their site, as well as competitive prices to other online retailers.  Here’s the link to the Gold Shock Valve Kit product page on!

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