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Suspension Review: Maxima Racing Fork Oil

Suspension Review: Maxima Racing Fork Oil

Everyone regularly pays close attention to what they’re putting in their engines, but they tend to forget about another area where oil is pretty essential – their front suspension forks. Oil in your suspension fork is what prevents your bike from bouncing around the track like it’s a pogo stick, and the higher the quality of oil you use, the smoother action you’ll receive from your suspension.

Maxima Racing Fork Oil
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Maxima Oil is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of high-performance lubricants. Professionals and amateurs use their products alike, and they consistently deliver exceptional results.

While they’re best known for their motor oils, they also make a line of affordable suspension oils as well.  If you’re looking for a quality oil to put inside your suspension, you’re never wrong in choosing to use Maxima fork oil.

Maxima Racing Fork Oil At-a-Glance

  • Designed for use on both open and closed cartridge forks.
  • Available in the following weights:  5 WT, 7 WT, 10 WT, and 15 WT
  • Features friction reducers to prevent unwanted friction between metal components.
  • Includes additives that make it more resistant to oxidation, thus reducing the amount of sludge build up inside of the fork.
  • It has a fork oil viscosity index of 190+, which makes the oil perform well in both hot and cold temperatures.

Benefits of Using Maxima Dirt Bike Fork Oil

  • The most significant advantage you receive from choosing to use Maxima Racing Fork Oil is knowing that it’s coming from Maxima Oil, a well-reputed lubricant manufacturer and distributor.
  • There is a nice range of weights to choose from, and even the 5 WT allows for the suspension parts to react smoothly to different terrain and road conditions.
  • Due to the oil’s high viscosity, it can be used throughout the entire year and in a wide range of different temperatures.

What Customers Are Saying About Maxima Fork Oil

Based on what I’ve heard from several different users of Maxima’s fork fluid, they are very pleased with its performance, they like its price point, and use it in bikes that are ridden in tough conditions.

One rider says that he uses it in all of his bikes and that it was made for “tough riding.”

Another rider says they’ve used it for years and that it’s never let them down once.

Important Information You Should Know Before You Purchase

  • Different viscosities will change the action for the forks, and it’s perfectly fine to blend different viscosities to achieve the desired action (if you do it right).
  • If you’re a heavier rider (like me), you may want to consider using a higher weight.
  • Before purchasing, make sure you check your bike’s owners’ manual to see what weight is recommended for your bike.
  • Some bikes will require one bottle of 1-liter fluid, while other bikes may require two bottles or more.

Where To Buy?

Maxima Racing dirt bike fork oil can be found in various automotive and specialty shops around the country and online.

Get a bottle for yourself on Amazon!

If you have any questions or anything to add, please leave them in the comments or on our FaceBook page!

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