Hellwig lp-35 helper springs thumbnail

Suspension Install & Review: Hellwig LP-35 Helper Spring

I drive a 2005 Ford F250 FX4 Superduty, and I pull a 30ft. toy hauler that I live and work in. My truck has around 160,000 miles on it, 25,000 or so put on by me. I have the 6.0 diesel engine with all kinds of aftermarket parts and an aggressive tune, so pulling my trailer isn’t an issue. The suspension is a different story. I don’t...
Maxima Racing Fork Fluid

Suspension Review: Maxima Racing Fork Oil

Everyone pays close attention to what they’re putting in their engines on a regular basis, but they tend to forget about another area where oil is pretty important - their front suspension forks. Oil in your suspension fork is what prevents your bike from bouncing around the track like its a pogo stick, and the...
Race Tech Gold Shock Valve Kit Parts

Suspension Review: Race Tech Gold Shock Valve Kit

As serious dirt bike riders, we spend a good bit of our time tweaking our bikes to suit our personal tastes and goals. The more fine-tuned to our needs we can make the bike, the better off our rides (and times) will be. So, the more we can tweak the better, especially if it results in more control over the bike...
Pivot Works Fork Seal and Bushing Kit

Bearings & Seals Review: Pivot Works Fork Seal & Bushing Kit

When it comes time to replace the fork seals in my dirt bike I usually stay away from OEM parts and use a parts from well-known company by the name of Pivot Works. Chances are you’ve already heard of them. Pivot Works was one of the first companies offering aftermarket seals and bushings. Needless to say...