Rider Protection Review: Leatt GPX / Fly Valor Neck Brace

Leatt GPX Neck Brace / Fly Racing Valor Review

The Fly Valor neck brace is just a relabeled Leatt GPX Neck Brace, so this review applies to both.

Leatt Neck GPX Brack Fly Neck BraceI have been putting off this review of the Fly Valor / Leatt GPX neck brace because I wanted to see how well it worked first hand… by crashing.  Fortunately, It took a while for me to test the neck brace thoroughly, so I should count myself lucky.

By now I think I’ve tested this neck brace enough to know that it works by:

  • Jumping a 30-foot dune the wrong way and waking up half-buried
  • Running into trees
  • Falling down a mountain
  • Getting clotheslined by branches
  • Getting bucked off my bike, going over some ruts on a logging road of all things!

Sorry, I’m still mad about the ruts because I wasn’t even doing anything fun when it happened!

So Does This Neck Brace Work?

I Don’t know…

The crashes I experienced were either life-threatening, or they weren’t, and I’ll never know, but considering I’m here to report on it, I’d say the neck brace did its job.

I see neck braces as a “Have it and not need it” piece of gear, and I, for one, would rather have it.

I could end this Leatt neck brace review by simply telling you to get a neck brace, ANY neck brace, no matter the price, because it will always be cheaper than a life in a wheelchair or worse.

Now that my personal opinions are out of the way, I can get into WHY the Leatt GPX neck brace works.

If you don’t want to keep reading my Leatt Neck Brace review, I won’t take it personally, but before you go at least look at your neck brace options!

Leatt Protective Neck Brace Technology

My uncle-in-law still uses the same basic foam neck roll he’s been using for 30 years. While it’s better than nothing, compared to the Leatt GPX neck brace, it looks like something you’d find in a medical supply store.

Leatt started making neck braces to eliminate deaths caused my neck injuries (You can read more about Leatt here).  While a simple foam roll will save your neck from injury, it can only do so much.  Leatt neck braces work with your helmet to eliminate as much hyperextension as possible.

The problem with making a neck brace to work with helmets is the seemingly unlimited helmet options out there.  For example, I have helmets from various brands (Fly, 2 HJCs, Icon, and Fulmer).  None of these helmets fit the same on my head or with the brace, so If I need to use anything other than my main helmet, I need to adjust the rear member of the neck brace.

Leatt Neck Brace Front To Back Collar Measuements
Front To Back Collar Measurements
Leatt Neck Brace Rear Member Adjustment Screws
Rear Member Adjustment Screws
Leatt Neck Brace Spacer Assembly
Spacer Assembly
Leatt Neck Brace Front To Back Lengths
Front To Back Lengths
Leatt Neck Brace Rear Thoracic Support Mount
Thoracic Support Mount
Leatt Neck Brace Rear Thoracic Support Wing
Thoracic Support Wing
Leatt Neck Brace RUpper Member Up and Down
Upper Member Up and Down
Leatt Neck Brace Rear Thoracic Support
Rear Thoracic Support

This may seem like an inconvenience, but when the brace and the helmet are working together, the brace will be comfortable and ready to do its job.  If you ride with a chest protector as I do, that’s another thing to adjust. You can see in the pictures how armor will change the way the neck brace fits. But again, LEATT HAS YOU COVERED!

Leatt GPX Neck Brace Sizing PiecesLeatt GPX Neck Brace Fitment

Leatt makes chest protectors work with their neck braces. As you can see, my chest protector is NOT Leatt (they don’t make one big enough), but it still works.

Chest Protector Without Neck Brace Side
Chest Protector Without Neck Brace Side
Chest Protector Without Neck Brace Front
Chest Protector Without Neck Brace Front
Brace Without Chest Protector Front
Brace Without Chest Protector Front
Brace Without Chest Protector Side
Brace Without Chest Protector Side
Neck Brace With Chest Protector Side
Neck Brace With Chest Protector Side
Neck Brace With Chest Protector Front
Neck Brace With Chest Protector Front

I’ll admit that when I first started riding with this brace, it was uncomfortable, and I didn’t like it, but once I made adjustments to the brace (and my riding habits), I got used to it, and now I feel weird without it.

The Leatt neck brace is also designed to work with YOU.  The brace comes with different spacers to adjust the size, and angle wedges to adjust the rear thoracic support.  So instead of the brace just sitting on your shoulders, it works with your body.

For example, the front support is split so it won’t push on your sternum but is arched enough to protect your collarbone from an impact.  And on the back, the rear thoracic member rests between your shoulder blades.  The front and back supports are there to keep your neck from moving laterally, protecting you from another type of neck injury.

All of the research and development are done by Leatt shows and pays off when you can walk away from an otherwise life-threatening crash.

Brace With No Pads
Brace With No Pads
Front And Rear Sections
Front And Rear Sections
Brace Pads
Brace Pads
Spacer Assembly
Spacer Assembly

Leatt and Fly Racing Relationship

I have been trying for some time to get the details on Leatt’s arrangement with Fly Racing, but as of this writing, they have not returned my calls.  So I guess I’ll tell you what I think of their relationship.

From what I can tell, Leatt struck a deal with Fly for the sole purpose if getting more neck braces on the shelves, that’s obvious. But I’d like to think this agreement arose from Leatt’s already established commitment to rider safety, and they wanted to get as many neck braces on as many riders as possible.  That may be the case, but partnering with Fly would also send sales through the roof.

By selling braces with the Fly logo, Leatt Neck braces gained a lot more exposure. Leatt just sells safety gear. Fly racing sells EVERYTHING! So by leveraging the brand recognition of Fly, Leatt was able to what they do even better. Save. Lives.

I keep saying it, and I keep meaning it, there is no reason not to have a neck brace.

If you have any questions or anything to add, please leave them in the comments or on our FaceBook page!

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