Video: Forget What Your Friends Say, You Need To Find The Right Handlebar Grips...

Finding the right Dirt Bike Grip for you and your Dirt Bike is extremely important. Having the correct grip for your hand will help you avoid blisters and even help reduce arm pump. If your dirt bike grips are wrong for you, test out as many grips as you can to find the one that works best for YOU.
Leatt Neck Brack Fly Neck Brace

Rider Protection Review: Leatt GPX / Fly Valor Neck Brace

The Leatt neck brace is also designed to work with YOU. The brace comes with different spacers to adjust the size, and angle wedges to adjust the rear thoracic support. So instead of the brace just sitting on your shoulders it works with your body.
What do you have in your trail pack header

Rider Protection: What Do You Have in Your Trail Pack?

What do you take with you in your trail pack? - When I ride the trails I always have my trail pack with me, and depending on where I am or who I’m with will determine what I have with me. Extra weight is extra weight no matter what form it’s in, be it Gatorade, sandwiches or zip ties, every ounce has...

Rider Protection Video: Do You Wear Knee Guards?

Do you wear knee guards when you ride? You should, even if it's just some cheap pads from the thrift store, anything is better than nothing! Read about how to strengthen your knees to avoid injury HERE.