Oil Reviews: Maxima Castor 927 2-Stroke Oil

I’m not going to tell you that Castor 927 by Maxima Racing Oils is the best 2-stroke oil for your dirt bike because that’s simply not the case.  Full synthetic 2-stroke oils will always make more power and burn cleaner than natural, conventional, and blended.

Maxima Castor 927 Racing 2-stroke oil
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This is the whole point of full synthetic oil.  What it comes down to is your personal preference.

I like castor based oils over synthetic oils for the simple reason that I like nature. I like the way nature looks, smells, the way it tastes fresh off the grill with mashed potatoes.

So… I like nature, but I also like riding 2-strokes… Stay with me!

2-stokes and nature have never mixed, but if I’m going to blast smoke through the trails I might as well go with something natural and renewable.

Castor oil has been around for a long time and has had MANY uses over the years, but I won’t get into that in this review.

Mazima Racing Oils LogoThere are a few drawbacks to using castor based 2-stroke oil:

  • Castor oil leaves residue in your cylinder.
  • The “shelf” characteristics of castor oils changes with the temperature.

At least these USED to be problems with castor 2-stroke oil.

Maxima Racing Oils has taken the refinement process as far as it can go while still keeping their castor oil mostly natural. Yes, I understand that when refining an organic material to match the performance of a full synthetic, unnatural chemicals will be used, but Maxima has managed to keep Castor 927 as natural as possible.

The main drawback of using castor based 2-stroke oil is residue build up.  Fortunately, gunk build up in your cylinder is no longer the issue that it used to be, thanks to the advanced refinement processes available today.  Yes, some residue will build up in your cylinder, but it won’t be enough to cause you problems.

This claim is based off of servicing your cylinder at regular maintenance intervals.  If you never service your bike, cylinder residue build up will be the least of your problems. Click here for a great price on a new piston!

When I say “shelf” characteristics I’m talking about how the oil will change in the bottle.  Castor oils used to be greatly effected by temperature.  Hot weather, it will thin out, and cold weather will make it thicker. (All oils change with temperature but castor is more effected).

Again, Maxima has worked their magic and have almost eliminated this issue.  The shelf characteristics of Castor 927 stay consistent from around 20, up to 105 degrees.  That being said, the shelf qualities of ANY 2-Stroke oil will change once mixed.

Castor 927 2-stroke oil is a PREMIX, and once it’s mixed, the shelf properties don’t matter… mostly.

I have taken Castor 927 from 10 degrees in Minnesota to 115 degrees in Texas, riding the same dirt bike with consistent performance.

Castor 927 matches other full synthetic 2-stroke oils in price and performance, so if riding green(er) means having a little residue build up in in my cylinder, I can live with that.

Now that I have my personal opinions on Castor 927 out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the details.

If you want to skip the rest of my Castor 927 Review I won’t hold it against you, but before you go at least check out this link for a great price through RockyMountainATVMC.com

There are three main characteristics present in high quality 2-stroke oil: good combustion properties, excellent lubrication properties, and resistance to residue build up in your dirt bike.

You’ll find that most reasonably priced, decent Two stroke oils will normally possess two out of the three characteristics. However, they always seem to fall short in the other category.

However, Maxima Racing Oils’ Castor 927 2 Stroke Oil seems to break the norm. It boasts a high rating in each category: combustion, lubrication, and little build up.

Castor 927 Review Two Stroke Oil At-A-Glance

• Blends three crucial components into one: refined castor oil, a special synthetic, and a special additive system.

• Runs cleaner than other castor based oils.

• Has excellent film strength.

• Is biodegradable.

• Gives extra protection for dirt bike engine components at higher temperatures.

• Works great mixed with leaded and unleaded fuels.

The Benefits of Using Castor 927 by Maxima

When compared with other similar brands, Maxima Castor 927 has displayed the following benefits:

• The special blend (refined castor oil, a special synthetic, and a special additive system) is proven to reduce carbon and gum formation and prevent rust and corrosion.

• Maxima Castor 927 keeps power valves cleaner for longer than other brands. It also ensures that the valves operate properly.

• It smells great and doesn’t give off THAT much smoke, unless your carburetor is jetted wrong.

What Other Riders Are Saying About Castor 927

While Maxima Castor 927 has been proven to be effective at reducing build up and preventing rust and corrosion in your dirt bike, the real results I’m more concerned with are from people who have actually used the oil.

Here is a little of what riders have to say about it:

One rider has used Castor 927 for four years in a CR500 with no issues. He says that he hasn’t had any fouled plugs or scuffing on the piston.

Another rider uses it in his CR250 at a 40:1 ratio and says it doesn’t smoke much and smells the best out of all other premixes.

These types of reviews are a common trend with the Maxima Castor 927. The oil is top-quality; there’s no doubt about it. The most common praise the oil receives is about its excellent lubrication properties and its great smell.

My Final Verdict on Maxima Castor 927 2-Stroke Oil

Based on what I’ve found from my research and personal experience, I would have no problems giving Maxima Castor 927 my full recommendation (I use it in all my project dirt bikes). It seems to uphold the standards that Maxima Oil requires in its products, and the reviews from consumers seem only to back that standard up.

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    • I wouldn’t use it regularly. For one it’s too expensive to be used in lawn equipment, plus lawn equipment is designed to run conventional. That being said, I have used 927 in my weed whacker in a pinch and it ran SUPER strong!

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