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Motorcycle Whip, Sand Whip, Safety Whip, Whatever You Call it, WheelerWhip Has You Covered!

WheelWhip Flag mount
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Most public and private dune parks require a big orange safety flag bolted to your ride.  Some whips mount to the rear hub of the bike on the brake side; others mount to the exhaust mounts.  I went with a hub whip mount as I already have a grab handle using the muffler mounting points.  There are several different hub sizes across all makes and models, so don’t just grab one, you need to know what size your rear hub is.

For the Fix Your Dirt KTM 450 XC-F, I needed a 32mm hub clamp mount for a 1/4″ whip.

I went with the Wheelerwhip Clamp-on quick release.  This clamp is machined out of a solid piece of aluminum, so I’m not worried about durability, plus it has a built-in slot to push out a broken flagpole for when you crash your dirt bike.

Wheel Whip Mount Broken Flag SlotOn some bikes you will need to remove the cotter pin that holds the nut on to get the safety flag mount on, so make sure to PUT IT BACK IN!!  If you lose or break the existing cotter pin, Wheelerwhip provides a new one with the clamp along with a hex wrench.

WheelerWhip Provides Everything For You, So Install Takes One Minute Or Less!

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Wheel Whip Mount Wrench Cotter PinStandard Rear Dirt Bike Hub Sizes


The easiest way to find out what size your hub is is to just measure it.  If you don’t have a metric ruler or measuring tape, just measure using a standard one and then use the table below to find your hub size in millimeters.

5/8″     = 17mm
3/4″     = 19mm
7/8″     = 24mm
1 1/16″ = 27mm
1 1/4 ”  = 32mm

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