Bearings & Seals Review: Pivot Works Steering Stem Bearing Kit

Pivot Works Steering Stem Bearing Kit
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Pivot Works Steering Stem Bearings Review

If your steering feels notchy, that’s a good indication that your bearings have gone bad.  And once you experience that notchy feeling, you need to replace the bearings as soon as possible.  Not doing so can lead to a variety of issues with your bike’s steering, with one of the more common problems being steering hesitation (followed by crashing).

Pivot Works Steering Stem Bearing Kit
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You can always go the OEM route when it’s time to install new bearings; however, that’s typically the most expensive option, and if you have an older bike, OEM parts get hard to find.  If you happen to be on a budget, or if you just don’t want to drop that kind of cash on bearings, then an aftermarket option might be the route you want to take.

Pivot Works is known for their dirt bike seals and bearings.  They were the first manufacturer in the world to make them.  These guys are well known in the industry and are known to deliver a quality product on a very consistent basis.  Below, I’ve listed a brief review of Pivot Works’ Steering Stem Bearing Kit.  I use these bearings for many project bikes, and my review should have all you need to know about their kit for you to make an informed purchase.

Pivot Works Steering Stem Bearing Kit At-a-Glance

  • Includes the entire kit needed to completely replace the old bearing:  top and bottom roller bearings, races, and seals.

Benefits Of The Pivot Works Steering Stem Bearings

  • The major overall benefit of the Pivot Works Steering Stem Bearing Kit and the reason why it’s so attractive to dirt bike riders is the cheap price point.  Buying an OEM bearing kit for your bike will cost you much more than what you’re paying for the Pivot Works model. And to make things even better, the quality of the Pivot Works’ kit is just as good as most OEM kits.
  • Due to Pivot Works’ popularity in the community, there are several installation videos available on YouTube showing exactly how to install the steering stem bearings.  The process is quite easy if you have the tools to do the job.  If not, then a mechanic should be able to do the installation for you without breaking the bank.
  • Pivot Works also features a lifetime replacement offer for the bearing kit.

What Other Riders Are Saying

Looking through the various reviews written about the Pivot Works Steering Stem Bearing Kit, it doesn’t take long to see why it’s such a popular option. Riders rave about the bearing kit’s high quality and durability, its effect on the smoothness of the steering after installation, and its low price.

One rider couldn’t believe the difference in the smoothness of the steering after he installed the new bearings in his dirt bike.

Another customer had to replace a rusted out bearing that completely froze his handlebars.  After installation, he stated that the bike steered like it was brand new again.

And yet another installer loved that the bearings were cheaper than OEM and provided the same quality.

Important Information About The Steering Stem Bearing Kit

  • On most retail sites, there is a “Fitment” guide available that lists all available dirt bike models that the motorcycle steering stem bearings kit is made for.  Make sure to use this to avoid wasting time with the wrong part.
  • Bearing removal will require certain tools that you can build yourself (Like the tools I used for this steering stem service).  If you do not have the tools handy, your best bet is to find a mechanic who will be willing to install them for you.  Just bring them the triple tree, and they can pull and press in a very short time.

Where To Purchase

You can find the kit readily available and at competitive prices on several retail sites along with a “Fitment” guide that will show you if the kit is compatible with your dirt bike.  You can click here for more details on the Pivot Works steering stem bearing kit.

If you have any questions or anything to add, please leave them in the comments or on our FaceBook page!

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