Bearings & Seals Review: Pivot Works Fork Seal & Bushing Kit

Pivot Works Fork Seal and Bushing Kit
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When it comes time to replace the fork seals in my dirt bike, I usually stay away from OEM parts and use parts from a well-known company by the name of Pivot Works. Chances are you’ve already heard of them.

Pivot Works Fork Seal and Bushing Kit
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Pivot Works was one of the first companies offering aftermarket seals and bushings. They know a thing or two about fork seals.

In this review, I’m going to take a look at Pivot Works’ Fork Seal and Bushing Kit and touch on a few of the more important aspects you need to know about the product if you need to change your fork seals soon.

Fork Seals & Bushing Kit At-a-Glance

  • Includes fork seals, wipers, upper and lower Teflon bushings, and O-rings – all custom-made to fit your dirt bike.
  • Are available for both open, closed, and dual-chamber suspension forks.
  • Comes with a lifetime replacement offer.

Benefits of Using Pivot Works Fork Seals & Bushing Kit

  • Both the seal and bearings are made of high-quality materials and have been manufactured to last for an extended period.
  • Comes with everything you need inside of one kit – no trying to buy separate parts from separate buyers.
  • The prices are much lower than your standard OEM replacement seals and bushings.
  • You’re using one of the world’s top manufacturers of seals and bearings for high-performance equipment.

What Customers Are Saying

Based on the countless reviews I’ve encountered about this Pivot Works kit, it looks like I’m not the only rider happy with this kit. Others have said that the seals hold nice and are very durable.  And as is usually the case with Pivot Works products, customers love the affordable price.

One customer states that he installed the kit on his dirt bike five years ago and that seals and bushings are still holding up perfectly fine. He also says everything is still working smoothly on the bike and that he’ll buy from Pivot Works again. I can’t imagine going that long without servicing my forks, but it’s good to know how long these seals can last.

Another customer has used this kit with dual-chamber and cartridge forks with great success.  He loved that for the dual chamber, the kit even included O-rings for the internal chamber.

Important Information You Need To Know Before You Buy

  • The kit does not include a fork seal driver.  One will have to be purchased separately to install the fork seals.
  • There is a fitment guide available that shows the available models that the kit is currently made for.
  • There have been some reports about oil leaks occurring shortly after installation.  However, it appears that most issues occurred due to an installation error.

Where To Purchase

If you think you’re ready to move forward and would like to learn more about the Pivot Works Fork Seal & Bushing Kit and its current prices, you can find out all the details (and get competitive prices) on!

Here’s the Pivot Works Fork Seal Kit installed on a dual-chamber fork.

If you have any questions or anything to add, please leave them in the comments or on our FaceBook page!

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