Pivot Works Steering Stem Bearing Kit

Bearings & Seals Review: Pivot Works Steering Stem Bearing Kit

If your steering feels notchy, that’s a good indication that your steering stem bearings have gone bad. And once you experience that notchy feeling, you need to replace the bearings as soon as possible. Not doing so can lead to a variety of issues with your bike’s steering, with one of the more common issues...
BikeMaster Fork Seal Installer

Bearings & Seals Review: BikeMaster Fork Seal Driver

When you see oil dripping out of one or both of your front forks, that’s usually a good indication that it’s time to replace your fork seals. If left unattended, the oil leaking from the fork could end in you crashing your dirt bike; not to mention that running something without oil that should have oil in it is never...
Pivot Works Fork Seal and Bushing Kit

Bearings & Seals Review: Pivot Works Fork Seal & Bushing Kit

When it comes time to replace the fork seals in my dirt bike I usually stay away from OEM parts and use a parts from well-known company by the name of Pivot Works. Chances are you’ve already heard of them. Pivot Works was one of the first companies offering aftermarket seals and bushings. Needless to say...