This D.I.Y. Balance Board Will Improve Your Dirt Bike Riding!

I Need To Improve My Balance!

1 - Free Balance Board With 2x4 And DumbbellFor the past few years, I’ve been using a 2×4 on a dumbbell for balance practice as part of my workout circuit.

I went this route because an Indo board cost around $200 and f**k you! $200 for a piece of wood and a cylinder?2 - Stupid Overpriced Indo Board I can make that on my own, then I never did… until now!

And here’s how to make one for yourself!

Home Made Balance Board

You can get everything you need at a hardware store for under $30.

You need lumber, PVC, and grip tape.

I went with a 4 foot long 2×6 for the balancing surface, with 2×2 blocks on each end, so I don’t slip off, and the balance board doesn’t fly off the pipe.

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I went with 6 inch PVC because I had no idea what this was going to do, but after some use, I’m going to get a few more pipes with larger diameters.

I placed the grip tape at 20 inches to match the peg width on most dirt bikes.3 - Place Grip Tape 20 Inches Apart I also wrapped the PVC in grip tape because I thought it would help roll the cylinder instead slide, but I don’t know if it matters because I’m so damn heavy.4 - Wrap PVC With Grip Tape The 4-foot long balance board offers a variety of balance challenges.

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The standard peg width is pretty straightforward, but as soon as I go wide, or half, or angle, I feel like a newborn elephant.5 - Balance Board Test Run Using this board is going to be fun for about 10 minutes before I get pissed off, then fun again after I get better.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve my balance board or if you made one of your own, let me know in the comments on social.

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