Accessory Review: Outlaw Racing Easy Pull Clutch System

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The Outlaw Racing Easy Pull clutch system (OREP) looks like an easy – and more importantly, cheap – way to lighten the clutch on your dirt bike.  Outlaw Racing claims a 30% decrease in clutch pull resistance with this system, so I put it to the test to see if these claims are accurate.

How Does The Easy Pull Clutch System Work?

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This clutch system uses simple leverage to reduce pull weight.  Inside the case is a pivoting arm. The arm connects to your stock clutch cable, and the top of the arm connects to your clutch lever. 

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Installing The Outlaw Racing OREP

The OREP is, if I’m honest, a bit of a hassle to install.  This may just be my dirt bike, but getting everything to stay put while hooking up cables because very tedious, and this system has two small parts that can easily be lost.Easy pull clutch system disasembled

I lost the pivot pin during install when everything popped out of the case.  This was my fault though, I was playing with it to see it in action, and without the top of the case holding everything in place, the arm and pin went flying.

Even with everything I just mentioned, installation is simple enough.

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Step 1: Disconnect Stock Clutch Cable From LeverStep 1 - Disconnect Stock Clutch Cable From Lever
Step 2: Loosen Inline Adjustment PointsStep 2 - Loosen Inline Adjustment Points
Step 3: Connect Clutch Cable to Middle of Pivot ArmStep 3 - Connect Clutch Cable to Middle of Pivot Arm
Step 4: Connect New Connection Cable to Top of Pivot ArmStep 4 - Connect New Connection Cable to Top of Pivot Arm
Step 5: Assemble BodyStep 5 - Assemble Body
Step 6: Connect OREP to Clutch LeverStep 6 - Connect OREP to Clutch Lever
Step 7: Adjust Lever-to-OREP TensionStep 7 - Adjust Lever to OREP Tension
Step 8: Adjust The Clutch Cable TensionStep 8 - Adjust Clutch Cable Tension
 Step 9: Go Ride!Step 9 - Go Ride!


So Does the Outlaw Easy Pull Work?

YES! This clutch system works very well!

Not only does it make a noticeable difference in the clutch pull, but I took some measurements to prove it.  I attached a hook scale to the clutch lever and measured the pounds of pressure it takes to pull the clutch in before and after installing the Easy Pull clutch system.

Granted, this is not the most accurate way to measure this, but it’s good enough to get some numbers for this test.  I started with a pull weight of 18.5 pounds, and with the easy pull clutch system, that was reduced to 13.5 pounds.

The 5-pound difference doesn’t seem like much, but it does result in a 27% reduction in pull weight, which is very close to Outlaw Racing’s claim of %30.

Now, about the KTM’s hydraulic clutch that has a 10-pound pull, the Honda is still %35 harder to pull, but considering the Honda is my Backup/Loaner/Project bike, and still a cable clutch, I’d say that’s still pretty good.


My Recommendation On The Outlaw Racing Easy Pull system

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons:


  • Dramatic reduction in pull resistance
  • Inexpensive for what you get
  • Ride Longer with less fatigue
  • More cable adjustment points for fine-tuning

  • Build quality – It’s not waterproof. This can be fixed with silicon.
  • The action can be a little rough due to the cam rubbing the inside of the case. This was quickly fixed with some all-purpose grease.
  • Can be a hassle to install – You will need to find room for the extra clutch cable.  But all I had to do was move the clutch cable to the other side of the number plate mounting screw.

Considering the pros far outweigh the cons, I would highly recommend the Outlaw Racing Easy Pull clutch system to anyone looking for an inexpensive way to lighten their clutch.

Well, would you look at that?  You can get your very own Outlaw Racing Easy Pull clutch system on Amazon!

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