Accessory Review: Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeders


Motion Pro Fork Bleeder Review

These Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeders are great, but do you need them? No. Do you want these fork bleeders on your bike? Yes, you do! And they only cost $13!

Motion Pro Micro Fork BleedersI keep dropping my fork bleeder screws thanks to my weird sausage fingers, and I’m lucky I haven’t lost any on the trail.

These fork bleeders make bleeding my forks on the trail easy and convenient.

All you need to do to use these micro fork bleeders properly is to engage the front brake, rock back on your bike to extend the forks, push the fork bleeders and be on your way!

Installing your Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeders

These bleeder valves are incredibly easy to install, but they are also incredibly easy to install wrong.

The two issues you need to watch out for when you install your bleeders:

  • Over-tightening
  • Bar clearance.

All you need to do to avoid over tightening your micro bleeders is don’t over tighten them; snug is all you need. Otherwise, you run the risk of pinching your o-ring and compromising the seal.

For bar clearance, all you need to do is make sure you have a minimum of 6mm clearance between the top of the bleeder valve and the handlebars.

Motion Pro makes their fork bleeders from machined stainless steel, so they are much more durable than aluminum. As of this review, they are the only company that does this.  Yet another reason Motion Pro is at the top of my list!

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Final Thoughts The Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeders

These Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeders are super easy to install and even easier to use.  I recommend them for anyone who wants to keep their forks in check on long rides, and anyone who shares my clumsy sausage finger curse!

Get a set of bleeders for your dirt bike HERE!

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