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Fiber plays an important role for both fueling up for an event and everyday health. Soluble (good) and insoluble (bad) fiber can be found in many foods, but you would be surprised where most good fiber comes from.

Rider Nutrition: Too Little Fiber

What Happens When You Ride With Too Little Fiber In Your Diet?

The Detriments of Eating Too Little Fiber - Rider Nutrition is a balancing act. Lean too much to one extreme and you risk adverse side effects; lean too much towards the other extreme and you risk even more side effects. In a previous article I touched on the detriments of eating too much fiber. In today’s article, I discuss the detriments of eating too little...
Rider Nutrition: Too Much Fiber

Fiber Is Good, But Is It Possible To Eat Too Much Fiber?

The Detriments of Eating Too Much Fiber - It’s now common knowledge that fiber should be a part of rider nutrition plan. Fiber helps your body digest the food you eat. Proper digestion means more nutrition, more energy, more strength, and more alertness, just to name a few. These are all important for improved performance on the track...
Rider Nutrition: What Is BAD Fiber And How Do I Avoid It

What is Bad Fiber & How Do I Avoid It?

Bad Fiber AKA: Insoluble Fiber - By itself, fiber isn’t bad (when consumed in moderation). It’s the source of fiber that can be a problem. Not all fiber sources are created equal. I think it’s safe to say that getting fiber from eating green leafy vegetables, like broccoli and asparagus, is much better than getting it from potato chips or cookies...
Rider Nutrition: What Is Good Fiber And Where Do I Find It

What is Good Fiber & Where Do I Find It?

Good Fiber AKA: Soluble Fiber - Here’s my one-sentence strategy for getting your daily-recommended intake of fiber from healthier sources: Stay as far away from processed foods as possible! If you want only the best sources of fiber, it really is that simple. Highly processed foods (even those that claim to have “high fiber”) are infamous for cancelling out the effects of the few beneficial nutrients in their ingredients...