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Carbohydrates have the most effect on performance, the right type and right amount will put you on the podium. Unfortunately, carb consumption is not black and white. Our bodies need both complex and simple carbohydrates to perform at peak ability.

Rider Nutrition: Are You Getting Enough Carbohydrates

The Effects Of Riding With A Low Carbohydrate Diet

Too Few Carbohydrates Will Leave Your Tank Empty - In recent years, carbohydrates (carbs) have gotten a bad rap by health and nutrition experts around the world. As a result, low-carb-focused fad diets have sprouted up everywhere - with some going so far as to cut out as many carbs as possible...
Rider Nutrition: Too Many Carbohydrates

A Diet With Too Many Carbohydrates Is a Recipe for Failure!

Too Many Carbs Can Cause Catastrophic Performance Failure - I’m going to go ahead and say it… As a dirt bike rider, it’s difficult to eat too many carbs. Your diet should actually be made up mostly of good, healthy carbohydrates (60%). So you can see how it can be difficult to eat too many...
Rider Nutrition: What are simple carbs

What Are Simple Carbohydrates & How Do I Avoid Them?

Simple Carbohydrates Will Lift You Up Before They Let You Down... Hard - Carbohydrates are your body’s primary source of energy. This means that when you ride or train, carbs are the first thing your body burns for energy. For that reason, you should always have a steady supply inside your body when your ride...
What Are Complex Carbs header

What Are Complex Carbohydrates & Where Do I Find Them?

So What Are Good Carbs And Why Do You Need Them? - It’s no secret that I like things powered by explosions. And I like them to run as efficiently as possible. So I know a thing or two about what bad fuel can do to an engine – it can damage seals, make it run poorly, and eventually blow it up if used for too long. Clean fuel, on the other hand, helps make sure the engine runs smooth and at optimum levels...