1994-2001 Yamaha YZ125 – Rear Suspension Specifications

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Yamaha Logo Rear Suspension Specifications For Your 1997-2001 Yamaha YZ125

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Rear Suspension Specifications

Rear Suspension TypeSwingarm/Shock Linkage
Rear Shock Gas Pressure145 psi (1000 kPa)
Rear Wheel Travel11.8 in. (300mm)

Rear Suspension Service Specifications

New mm (in.)Service Limit mm (in.)
Shock Spring Free Length260 (10.24)
Swing Arm Free Play Limit
– End1.0 (0.04)
– Side Clearance0.4 – 0.7 (0.016 – 0.028)

Rear Shock Absorber Spring Installed Length

2000 – 2001
– European Models262 (10.31)257 – 275 (10.2 – 10.83)
– All Other Models248 (9.76)242 – 260 (9.53 – 10.24)

Rear Shock Absorber Compression And Rebound Adjustment

Total Adjustment PositionsStock Adjuster Position
Compression Damping Adjustment209 Clicks Out
Rebound Damping Adjustment209 Clicks Out
Low Speed – 2000
– European Models205 Clicks Out
– All Other Models209 Clicks Out
Low Speed – 2001
– European Models2012 Clicks Out
– All Other Models209 Clicks Out
High Speed – 2000
– European Models2 Turns2/3 Turns Out
– All Other Models2 Turns1-1/4 Turns Out
High Speed – 2001
– European Models2 Turns1 Turns Out
– All Other Models2 Turns1-1/4 Turns Out

Rear Suspension Torque Specifications

Rear Shock Absorber Mounting Bolts
– Upper Bolt4156
– Lower Bolt3548
Relay Arm-to-Swingarm5980
Relay Arm-to-Shock Absorber3548
Connecting Rod-to-Relay Arm5980
Connecting Rod-to-Frame5980
Sub-frame Mounting Bolts1926
Swing Arm Pivot Bolt Nut6385

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