Trail Tech Keeps Draining My Battery! – How To Fix That

Trail Tech Keeps Draining My Battery - How To Fix That Featured Image
Trail Tech Keeps Draining My Battery - How To Fix That Featured Image

My Trail Tech Voyager Keeps Killing My Battery!

Trail Tech Keeps Draining My Battery - How To Fix That Featured ImageIt might be killing your battery, too, so here’s how I fixed mine for $7.


  • Wire Strippers
  • Dielectric Grease
  • Heat Gun


  • Switch
  • Heat Shrink Tubes
  • Zip Ties

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1 - Cheap Waterproof SwitchI used the cheapest waterproof handlebar switch I could find and some shrink tube.

2 - Waterproof Does Not Mean Waterproof ApparentlyWaterproof was just a buzzword, so I goobered mine with dielectric grease.

3 - Dielectric GooberThis is a switch for lights, so I won’t be needing the plug ends.

4 - Cut Off Connectors 5 - Strip Switch WiresI mounted mine next to the magic button and ran the leads as well as I was able.6 - Mount Switch This is an inline switch, so all it is doing is interrupting the flow of power.

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An inline switch is typically installed along the positive path because sending dc to something without grounding it can potentially hurt it.7 - How An Inline Switch Works I want to be able to unplug and remove my trail tech, so I want to use the stock connector.

I cut the power wires about 5 inches in front of the connector.8 - Cut Power About 5 Inches From Plug For this switch, orange was positive, and green was negative.

I connected the battery side positive to orange, then the voyager side positive to green to add the switch into the circuit.9 - Connect Switch Wires Then I reconnected the black negative wires.

I tested to make sure everything is connected correctly; then, I cleaned up the wiring as well as I could.11 - Test Trail Tech Power 12 - Clean Up WiresIf you have questions about this install, please let me know in the comments or on social.

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