Video: 2014 KTM 300 XC-W Rear Shock Spring Swap

Top and Bottom Bolts: 59ft/lbs -or- 80Nm

Swapping the rear shock spring on the KTM 300 XC-W is super easy, two bolts and its out!  The spring is held on the shock by a retaining ring that you can pry off with your fingers.  The only thing you have to worry about is not damaging that stupid plastic lock ring!

In case you’re curious, checkout the before and after HERE.

Tools Required For 2014 KTM 300 XC-W Rear Shock Spring Swap

  • Bike Stand
  • 12mm Socket
  • Hex Wrench
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Hands
Shock Assembly Removal

Step 1: Raise the bake on a stand or stump or whatever can hold the weight (make sure it’s stable)
Step 2: Remove the BOTTOM bolt first.  This will allow the swing arm to fall away so you can remove the top bolt without having to jiggle the whole spring and swing arm assembly.
Step 3: Remove the shock assembly without banging it around too much on the sub frame.

Rear Spring Swap

Step 1: Loosen the lock nut retaining band with hex wrench.
Step 2: Use flat head screwdriver and hammer to loosen the stupid plastic lock nut.
Step 3: Remove retaining clip from the bottom of the assembly
Step 4: Remove the plates and spring
Step 5: Put it all back together with the new spring

Rear Shock Assembly Installation

Do the exact opposite of the removal, mounting the top bolt first.
DO NOT torque until the bike is on the ground and everything is seated properly.

Torque Specifications:

Top and Bottom Bolts: 59ft/lbs -or- 80Nm

Dirt Bike Suspension takes a hell of a beating, so make sure everything is in place and torqued correctly so you hurt yourself of the bike!

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