2009-2010 Honda CRF450R Rear Wheel / Suspension Specifications

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Rear Wheel & Suspension Specifications For Your 2009 – 2010 Honda CRF450R Dirt Bike

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PartStandard (mm)Service Limit (mm)
Cold Tire Pressure15 psi (100 kPa, 1.0 kgf/cm2)
Axle Shaft Runout0.2
Wheel Rim Runout
– Radial2.0
– Axial2.0
Drive Chain
– Size/Link – DIDDID 520DMA4/116RB –
– Size/Link – RKRK 520TXZ/116RJ –
– Slack30 – 40 –
Drive Chain Length @ 17 pins259
Drive Chain Roller Thickness5
Drive Chain Roller O.D. 35
Shock Absorber
– Damper Gas Pressure145 psi (1 MPa, 10.2 kgf/sm2)
– Damper Compressed GasNitrogen gas
– Recommended OilKYB: KHV10-K2C
-Damper Rod Compressed Force 12mm Compressed180-220 N (40.6-49.4 ft-lb)
– Spring Installed Length (Standard)249.5
– Oil Capacity420 ml (14.2 US oz)
High-Speed Compression Damping Adjuster
– 20091 – 1-1/3 turns out from full in
– After 20091-1/12 – 1-5/12 turns out from full in
Low-Speed Compression Damping Adjuster11 – 15 clicks out from full in
Rebound Damping Adjuster
– 200913 – 17 clicks out from full in
– After 200911 – 15 clicks out from full in

Rear Wheel And Suspension Torque Specifications

PartFoot Pounds (ft-lbs)Newton Meter (N⋅m)
Rear Axle Nut94128
Driven Sprocket Nut2432
Rear Bake Disc Nut1216
Rear Wheel Bearings Retainer3244
Shock Upper Mounting Nut3244
Shock Lower Mounting Nut3244
Shock Damper Rod End Nut1926
Shock Compression Daping Adjuster2230
Shock Spring Adjuster Lock Nut2128
Drive Chain Lower Roller Nut912
Shock Arm Nut
– Swingarm Side3953
– Shock Link Side3953
Shock Link Nut (Frame Side)3953
Swingarm Pivot Nut6588
Drive Chain Guide Mounting Bolt912
Drive Chain Slider Screw3.1 (37 in-lb)4
Rear Brake Hose Guide Screw0.9 (11 in-lb)1
Drive Chain Adjuster Lock Nut2027


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