2009-2010 Honda CRF450R General Specifications

General Specifications For Your 2009 – 2010 Honda CRF450R Dirt Bike.

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’09-’10 CRF450R Dimensions
Overall Length
– 20092,193mm (86.3in)
– After 20092,191mm (86.3in)
Overall Width827mm (32.6in)
Overall Height
– 20091,278mm (50.3in)
– After 20091,273mm (50.1)
– 20091,493mm (58.8in)
– After 20091,491mm (58.7in)
Seat Height
 – 2009
– After 2009
Footpeg Height
– 2009428mm (16.9in)
– After 2009424mm (16.7in)
Ground Clearance
– 2009336mm (13.2in)
– After 2009332mm (13.1in)
’09-’10 CRF450R Frame
Frame TypeTwin tube
Front suspensionTelescopic fork
Front Suspension Axle travel273mm (10.7)
Front Suspension Cushion Stroke310mm (12.2in)
Rear SuspensionPro-Link
Rear Wheel Travel320m (12.6in)
Rear DamperDecarbon type with nitrogen gas filled damper
Front tire Size80/100-21 51M
Rear Tire Size120/80-19 63M
Tire Brand (Dunlop)Front: D742FA – Rear: D756
Front BrakeHydraulic single disc
Front Brake Swept Area334.5 cm2 (51.8in2)
Rear BrakeHydraulic single disc
Rear Brake Swept Area391.1 cm2 (60.6in2)
Caster Angle
– 200927° 3′
– After 200926° 52′
Trail Length
– 2009115.6mm (4.55in)
– After 2009114.2mm (4.50in)
Fuel Tank Capacity5.7 liter (1.51 Us gallon, 1.25 Imp gallon)
’09-’10 CRF450R Engine
Bore And Stroke96.0 x 62.1mm (3.78 x 2.44in)
Displacement49.7 cm3 (27.43 cu-in)
Compression Ratio12.0:1
Valve TrainChain drive and OHC with rocker arm
Intake Valve
Opens at 1.0mm (0.04in) Lift15° BTDC
Closes at 1.0mm (0.04in) Lift50° ABDC
Exhaust Valve
Opens at 1.0mm (0.04in) Lift55° BBDC
Closes at 1.0mm (0.04in) Lift15° ATDC
 LubricationForced pressure and wet sump
Oil Pump TypeTrochoid
Cooling SystemLiquid Cooled
Air FiltrationOiled polyurethane foam
Crankshaft TypeAssembled type
Engine Dry Weight27.1kg (59.7lbs)
Cylinder ArrangementSingle cylinder, inclined 6° 30′ from vertical
’09-’10 CRF450R Fuel Delivery System
Throttle Bore50mm (2.0in)
’09-’10 CRF450R Drive Train
Clutch SystemMulti-plate, wet – (Shop Clutches)
Clutch Operation systemCable operated
TransmissionConstant mesh, 5-speed
Primary Reduction2.739 (63/23)
Final Reduction3.692 (48/13)
Gear Ratio
1st1.800 (27/15)
2nd1.470 (25/17)
3rd1.235 (21/17)
4th1.050 (21/20)
5th0.909 (2022)
Gearshift PatternLeft foot operated return system, 1-N-2-3-4-5
’09-’10 CRF450R Electrical
Ignition SystemComputer-controlled digital transistorized with electric advance
Charging SystemSingle phase output alternator
Regulator/RectifierSCR shorted/single phase, full wave rectification

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