2009-2010 Honda CRF450R General Specifications

General Specifications For Your 2009 – 2010 Honda CRF450R Dirt Bike.

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’09-’10 CRF450R Dimensions
Overall Length
– 2009 2,193mm (86.3in)
– After 2009 2,191mm (86.3in)
Overall Width 827mm (32.6in)
Overall Height
– 2009 1,278mm (50.3in)
– After 2009 1,273mm (50.1)
– 2009 1,493mm (58.8in)
– After 2009 1,491mm (58.7in)
Seat Height
 – 2009
– After 2009
Footpeg Height
– 2009 428mm (16.9in)
– After 2009 424mm (16.7in)
Ground Clearance
– 2009 336mm (13.2in)
– After 2009 332mm (13.1in)
’09-’10 CRF450R Frame
Frame Type Twin tube
Front suspension Telescopic fork
Front Suspension Axle travel 273mm (10.7)
Front Suspension Cushion Stroke 310mm (12.2in)
Rear Suspension Pro-Link
Rear Wheel Travel 320m (12.6in)
Rear Damper Decarbon type with nitrogen gas filled damper
Front tire Size 80/100-21 51M
Rear Tire Size 120/80-19 63M
Tire Brand (Dunlop) Front: D742FA – Rear: D756
Front Brake Hydraulic single disc
Front Brake Swept Area 334.5 cm2 (51.8in2)
Rear Brake Hydraulic single disc
Rear Brake Swept Area 391.1 cm2 (60.6in2)
Caster Angle
– 2009 27° 3′
– After 2009 26° 52′
Trail Length
– 2009 115.6mm (4.55in)
– After 2009 114.2mm (4.50in)
Fuel Tank Capacity 5.7 liter (1.51 Us gallon, 1.25 Imp gallon)

’09-’10 CRF450R Engine
Bore And Stroke 96.0 x 62.1mm (3.78 x 2.44in)
Displacement 49.7 cm3 (27.43 cu-in)
Compression Ratio 12.0:1
Valve Train Chain drive and OHC with rocker arm
Intake Valve
Opens at 1.0mm (0.04in) Lift 15° BTDC
Closes at 1.0mm (0.04in) Lift 50° ABDC
Exhaust Valve
Opens at 1.0mm (0.04in) Lift 55° BBDC
Closes at 1.0mm (0.04in) Lift 15° ATDC
 Lubrication Forced pressure and wet sump
Oil Pump Type Trochoid
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Air Filtration Oiled polyurethane foam
Crankshaft Type Assembled type
Engine Dry Weight 27.1kg (59.7lbs)
Cylinder Arrangement Single cylinder, inclined 6° 30′ from vertical
’09-’10 CRF450R Fuel Delivery System
Throttle Bore 50mm (2.0in)
’09-’10 CRF450R Drive Train
Clutch System Multi-plate, wet – (Shop RMATVMC)
Clutch Operation system Cable operated
Transmission Constant mesh, 5-speed
Primary Reduction 2.739 (63/23)
Final Reduction 3.692 (48/13)
Gear Ratio
1st 1.800 (27/15)
2nd 1.470 (25/17)
3rd 1.235 (21/17)
4th 1.050 (21/20)
5th 0.909 (2022)
Gearshift Pattern Left foot operated return system, 1-N-2-3-4-5
’09-’10 CRF450R Electrical
Ignition System Computer-controlled digital transistorized with electric advance
Charging System Single phase output alternator
Regulator/Rectifier SCR shorted/single phase, full wave rectification

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