2009-2010 Honda CRF450R Cooling System Specifications

Cooling System Specifications For Your 2009 – 2010 Honda CRF450R Dirt Bike.

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Part Specification
Coolant Capacity
– At Change 1.04 liter (1.10 Us qt, 0.92 Imp qt)
– At Disassembly 1.06 liter (1.12 Us qt, 0.93 Imp qt)
Radiator Cap Relief Pressure 108-137kPa (16-20 psi, 1.1-1.4 kgf/cm2)
Recommended Antifreeze Pro Honda Coolant or equivalent high quality
ethylene glycol antifreeze containing
silicate-free corrosion inhibitors 1:1 mixture with distilled water
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