2009-2010 Honda CRF450r – Rear Caliper Service

How To Service The Rear Brake Caliper On Your 2009 – 2010 Honda CRF450r.

2009 - 2010 Honda CRF450r - Rear Caliper FeaturedThe Tools You Will Need Are:

  • 12mm Socket
  • 8mm Socket
  • 12mm Box Wrench
  • 10mm Box Wrench
  • 8mm Box Wrench
  • Torque Wrench
  • Small Pick
  • A Stiff Brush
  • Emery paper
  • Calipers
  • Shop Towels
  • Safety Glasses

The Parts You Will Need Are:

  • ’09-’10 Honda CRF450r Rear Caliper Rebuild Kit
  • Dot 4 Brake Fluid
  • Rubber Grease

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This rear caliper rebuild should cost around $25 and take about 45 minutes to complete.

Brake fluid will damage almost everything it touches, so make sure you have your shop towels ready!

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Rear Caliper Removal:

(Click to Enlarge)
Start by removing the brake pad pin and brake pads while your caliper is still mounted to the swingarm. Remove Brake Pads
Firmly pump the brake pedal to push the piston out of the caliper body, using the brake disk as a backstop.Pump Pistons Against Disk Use Disk As Backstop
Loosen and remove the banjo bolt, then remove the rear wheel, and caliper bracket.Loosen And Remove Banjo Bolt Remove Bracket


Rotate the piston out of the caliper body. If your piston is too hard to remove by hand, you can CAREFULLY remove it with pliers wrapped in e-tape.2009 - 2010 Honda CRF450r - Rear Caliper - Disassemble Caliper
Remove the piston seals, bleeder valve, and slide pin boots.
Take extra care when removing the piston seals, so you don’t gouge the piston bore.Carefully Remove Piston Seals


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Clean every component with brake cleaner and a non-metallic stiff brush. Dry the parts as thoroughly as you can.2009 - 2010 Honda CRF450r - Rear Caliper - Clean Everything Inspect:

Check the caliper components for any visible damage. This piston has a few rough spots so I will need to sand them down. Check the slide pins for any rough areas that could bind. If you feel anything, gently sand it with fine grit emery paper until smooth.

Inspect Caliper Components Sand CylinderMeasure:

Measure the inside diameter of the piston bore and the outside diameter of the piston.

The piston bore should be no Greater than 22.712mm, and the piston should be no LESS than 22.573mm.

Measure Pistons Measure Piston BoreIf your caliper bore and pistons are out of spec, they need to be replaced.

New Parts:

Before caliper assembly, take a look at your new parts.

I am installing an All Balls Rear Caliper Rebuild Kit that includes a new set of slide pin boots, pad pin o-ring, bleeder valve cap, piston seals, pad pin, and banjo bolt seal washers.

Make sure to match the old parts with the new ones, so you don’t accidentally discard something you need.

New Parts From All Balls Soak your new rubber components in fresh brake fluid for 15 minutes before assembly.

Soak New Rubber

(Click to Enlarge)
Give every component one last wipe down with fresh brake fluid before assembly.2009 - 2010 Honda CRF450r - Rear Caliper - One Last Wipe Down
Install the piston seals, immediately followed by the piston.Install Piston Seals
Make sure your piston is aligned as flat as possible, then install in a twisting motion.Install Piston
Install the slide pin boots, the long boot goes on the body, and the short boot goes on the bracket.Install Slide Pin Boots
Install the bleeder valve cover, then the bleeder valve.Install Bleeder Valve Cover
Grease the slide pin boots with rubber grease, assemble the bracket and body, and give the bracket a few pumps to evacuate any trapped air in the boots.Grease Slide Pin Boots
Install the rear wheel and caliper, then install the banjo bolt with new seal washers. 

Install Rear Wheel And CaliperInstall Banjo Bolt

Torque Banjo Bolt

Torque Specs:
Banjo Bolt25 ft-lbs


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