1997-2001 Honda CR250 – Brake Specifications

1997 - 2001 Honda CR250 - Brake System Specifications

1997 - 2001 Honda CR250 - Brake SpecsHydraulic Brake System Specifications For Your 97-01 Honda CR250

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Service Limits

New (mm)Service Limit (mm)

Front Brakes

Disc Thickness3.02.5
Disc Runout0.15
Pad Wear Indicator1.0
Master Cylinder I.D.11.0 – 11.04311.05
Master Cylinder Piston O.D.10.957 – 10.98410.84
Caliper Bore I.D.21.0 – 24.05024.06
Caliper Piston O.D.
– 1997-200026.90 – 26.95026.89
– 200126.681 – 26.89426.853

Rear Brakes

Disc Thickness4.03.5
Disc Runout0.15
Pad Wear Indicator1.0
Master Cylinder I.D.12.70 – 12.74312.76
Master Cylinder Piston O.D.12.657 – 12.68412.64
Caliper Bore I.D.27.0 – 27.05027.06
Caliper Piston O.D.26.935 – 26.96826.89
Brake Fluid TypeDOT 4

Torque Specifications

Banjo Bolts3425
Brake Bleeder5.448
Brake Disc Nits (Front)1612
Brake Disc Bolts (Rear)4231
Brake Disc Cover Bolts (Front)139
Brake Disc Guard Screws (Rear)6.860
Brake Hose Guide Screws (Rear, 2001 Only)1.210
Brake Pedal Pivot Bolt2519
Brake Lever Pivot Bolt/Locknut5.952
Brake Lever Adjuster Locknut5.952
Caliper Mounting Bolts (Front)3022
Caliper Pin Bolts ( Front)2216
Caliper Pink Bolts ( Rear)2720
Caliper Bracket Pin Bolt ( Rear)12106
Master Cylinder Reservoir Cover Screws (Front)10.795
Master Cylinder Holder Bolts (Front)9.988
Master Cylinder Pushrod Locknut17.213
Master Cylinder Mounting Bolts (Rear)139
Pad Pin1813
Pad Pin Plug327


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