1997-2001 Honda CR250 Ignition System Specifications

Ignition System Specifications For Your 1997-2001 Honda CR250 Dirt Bike

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Ignition System Specifications

General Specifications
Ignition timing
– 199718° at 3000 RPM
– 1999-200118° +/- 2° at 3000 RPM
Spark Plug
– StockDenso W24ESR-V
– OptionalDenso W24ESR-G
Champion QN-86
Champion QN-2G
Spark Plug Gap0.020-0.024 in. (9.05-.06 mm)
Ignition Coil Resistance at 68°F
Primary Coil
– 1997-19990.2-0.4 Ohms
– 2000-20010.1-0.3 Ohms
Secondary Coil With Cap9-16 Ohms
Secondary Coil Without Cap4-8 Ohms
Ignition Coil Peak Voltage100 Volts Minimum
Ignition Pulse Generator Resistance at 68°F180-280 Ohms
Ignition Pulse Generator Peak Voltage0.7 Volts Minimum
IGP To Flywheel Gap0.018 in. (0.46 mm)
Exciter Coil Resistance at 68°F
– 1997-19992-20 Ohms
– 2000-20019-25 Ohms
Exciter Coil Peak Voltage100 Volts Minimum
Alternator Charging Coil (’97-’98)1-5 Ohms


Ignition System Torque Specifications

Stator Cover Screws218
Flywheel Nut5440


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