1997-2001 Honda CR250 – Top End Service – Part 2: Cylinder Removal

How To Remove The Cylinder On Your 1997 – 2001 Honda CR250.

1997 - 2001 Honda CR250 - Top End Service - Part 2 - Cylinder Removal

The Tools You Will Need Are:

  • Motion Pro Torque Wrench Adapter
  • 3/8″ Socket Wrench
  • 17mm Socket
  • 14mm Socket
  • 8mm Socket
  • Mallet or Dead Blow
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Shop Towel

Start your removal by turning the piston to bottom dead center.

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Cylinder Removal

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Remove the right cylinder cover, and loosen the left valve cover while the cylinder is still mounted.Top End Service - Part 2 - Cylinder Removal - Right Cover
Mark the four cylinder base nuts 1 through 4 to follow a consistent pattern.Mark Nuts 1 and 3 Mark Nuts 2 and 4
Loosen the cylinder base nuts ¼ turn at a time to avoid binding, take as many passes as you need.

Tap the cylinder with a mallet in multiple locations.

Loosen Mounting Nuts 1 Loosen Base Nuts 2Loosen Base Nuts 3Loosen Base Nuts 4
While standing on the left side of your bike, slowly raise the cylinder up to expose the alignment dowels, and stuff a clean shop cloth into the crankcase opening.Raise CylinderStuff Shop Towel Into Opening


If your dowels are seated on the studs, remove the cylinder.

If the dowels are in the cylinder, make sure they don’t fall into the crankcase!

Lift culinder Off Studs
You may experience binding on the left side of the cylinder due to seized alignment dowels.

If your cylinder is seized to the stud, use PB blaster and patience.

PB Blast Stud Dowel
Remove the alignment dowels, and any loose gasket material immediately following cylinder removal.Remove Gasket
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