1997-2001 Honda CR250 – Reed Valve Service

How To Service The Reed Valves On Your 1997 – 2001 Honda CR250

1997 - 2001 Honda CR250 - Reed Valve ServiceThe Tools You Will Need Are:

  • 8mm Socket
  • Feeler Gauge
  • Plastic Scraper
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Threadlocker
  • Carburetor Cleaner
  • Shop Towels

The Parts You Will Need Are:

  • New Set Of Reeds – 14111-KZ3-B11
  • New Gasket – 14132-KZ3-880

If you don’t have your reeds or gasket yet, You Can Get Parts And Tools Through Our Partner Links HERE!

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Servicing your reed valve will cost around $20 for OEM parts, and take about half an hour to complete.

Start with your bike on a stand with the carburetor removed.


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Remove the carburetor boot mounting bolts, then pull the reed valve assembly and gasket. Remove Reed Valve Assembly
Make sure to stuff a shop towel in the reed valve housing to keep junk out of your crankcase.Stuff Towel In Housing

Clean & Inspect:

Clean the reed valve housing inside and out with a PLASTIC scraper. Wipe Down Assembly
Inspect the reeds for any visible damage. If you find any, replace your reeds.

Inspect the reed valve body and reed stoppers.

 Clean Assembly
If you find a missing screw, you might want to check out your crankcase.Be Careful!
If your reeds look good, use your feeler gauge to measure the clearance between the reed ends and the body.

Maximum Clearance:

  • 2mm
Measure Vavle Clearance
These valves are within spec, but since I don’t know when they were serviced last, I am going to install a set of new pedals.
Remove the reed stopper mounting screws, discard the old pedals, and clean the body.Remove Valve Stopper Screws
Align your new pedals, and install the screws with thread locker.

I find it easier to thread the screws a few turns, then pull each one out individually to apply thread locker.

Install Guard Screws With Thread Lock
Make sure the thread locker does not get on the pedals.Be Careful!
Remove the shop towel from the reed valve housing, and install the new reed valve gasket, with the tacky side in.Install New Gasket
Install the reed valve assembly with the tabbed side facing up.Install Valve
Make sure the clutch guide is mounted on the top left side of the assembly.Install Carburetor Boot
Install the mounting bolts finger tight, then gradually tighten them in a criss-cross pattern.Tighten Bolts

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