1997-2001 Honda CR250 External Shift Linkage Maintenance Part 2: Inspection

This is PART 2 of the full step-by-step external shift linkage inspection for your 1997-2001 Honda CR250 Dirt Bike.

You can find Part 1: Removal here, and Part 3: Installation here.

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You can follow along with the video below!

Honda CR250 External Shift Linkage Inspection

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Step 9: Inspect the shift shaft:

  • Check the shaft for bend or uneven wear
  • Check the shift lever splines for pits or cracks
  • If the spring and snap ring are tight leave them
    on the shaft, if they are loose, replace them
 Honda CR250 Step 9: Inspect Shift ShaftStep 9.1: Inspect Shift Shaft Step 9.2: Inspect Shift Shaft
Step 10: Inspect the stopper assembly components:

  • Check the stopper arm for bends or cracks
  • Test the stopper wheel for smooth operation
  • Check the stopper spring for tension, fractures
    or uneven wear
  • Ensure the washer is still flat and smooth
Step 10: Inspect Shift Linkage Stopper Arm AssemblyStep 10.1: Inspect Stopper Arm Assembly Step 10.2: Inspect Stopper Arm Assembly
Step 11: Inspect the shifter drum and center pin.

  • Check the center pin for bends and the threads for
  • Check the drum for signs of excessive wear.  If any
    parts of the drum are worn, it will not operate properly
Step 11: Inspect Pin & Drum CenterStep 11.1: Inspect Pin & Drum Center
Step 12: Inspect the guide plate and drum shifter

  • Check the pawls, springs, plungers and drum shifter
    body for wear. If these components are worn in any
    way they will need to be replaced.
  • Check the guide plate for warping, cracks, or any
    signs of fatigue
 Step 12: Inspect Drum Shifter ComponentsStep 12.1: Inspect Drum Shifter Components Step 12.2: Inspect Drum Shifter Components Step 12.3: Inspect Drum Shifter Components Step 12.4: Inspect Drum Shifter Components
Step 13: Assemble the drum shifter:

  • Install the plunger and spring into drum shifter body
  • Install the pawl with the round end in the drum
    shifter body, make sure the groove pushes against the plunger
  • Repeat on the opposite side
  • Install the drum shifter into the guide plate, the
    drum shifter assembly should not move with the pawls extended.
Step 13: Assemble Drum ShifterStep 13.1: Assemble Drum Shifter Step 13.2: Assemble Drum Shifter Step 13.3: Assemble Drum Shifter Step 13.4: Assemble Drum Shifter

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