1997-1999 Honda CR250 – Rear Shock Rebuild Part 2: Shaft Assembly

This is PART 2 of the step-by-step rebuild for your Showa KZ3P SA-1 rear shock.

You can find Part 1: Disassembly & Inspection here, and Part 3: Body Assembly here.

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Follow along with the video below!

1997-2001 Honda CR250 Rear Shock Shaft Assembly

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Step 10: Place the seal bullet over the end of the shock
shaft, this will not only protect the threads, but it will create
a smooth surface for the seal head to slide over.
 Rear Shock Shaft Assembly step 16
Step 11: Install the collar, bumper, shock body cap, and
seal head.
  Shock Shaft Assembly step 17Shock Shaft Assembly step 17.1Shock Shaft Assembly step 17.2Shock Shaft Assembly step 17.3
Step 12: Install the valve stack.  Slide the shims and valve
around until they line up, do not force them! *Do not install the valve bushing yet.  The valve bushing creates
a seal around the valve, but when filing the shock body with oil,
the oil needs to flow around the valve to get as much air out as possible. We will install the valve bushing right before final assembly.
 Shock Shaft Assembly step 18 Shock Shaft Assembly step 18.1
Step 13: Apply a generous amount of thread locker to the shaft threads. Shock Shaft Assembly step 19
Step 14: Thread and torque the shaft nut to 35 to 50 foot pounds Rear Shock Rebuild Shaft Assembly step 20 Shock Shaft Assembly step 20.1
Wipe off any excess thread locker. Shock Shaft Assembly step 21
Step 15: After you torque the shaft nut, use a punch and hammer to seal the threads. Honda CR250 Shock Shaft Assembly step 22

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