1997-1999 Honda CR250 – Rear Shock Rebuild Part 3: Body Assembly

This is PART 3 of the step-by-step rebuild for your Showa KZ3P SA-1 rear shock.

You can find Part 1: Disassembly & Inspection here, and Part 2: Shaft Assembly here.

Remember, if you need parts and tools you can get them HERE.

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Follow along with the video below!

1997-2001 Honda CR250 Rear Shock Assembly

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Step 16: Back out the compression damper all the
way to allow open oil flow between the reservoir
and the body.
 Honda CR250 Rear Shock Assembly - Shock Body Assembly step 23
Step 17: Fill the reservoir halfway and make sure oil
is flowing into the body.*You will not see oil flow right away.  Keep in mind that
the compression damper is designed for forced oil flow,
so let the shock sit for a few minutes.  If no oil is flowing,
you may have a damaged damper.
 Shock Body Assembly step 24 Shock Body Assembly step 24.1
Step 18: Install the valve cap, and install the reservoir
cap and bladder. You want to see the reservoir overflow,
as this forces air from the reservoir
 Shock Body Assembly step 25 Shock Body Assembly step 25.1
Remove the valve cap and install the reservoir
cap tool. Force the reservoir cap down far enough
to expose the circlip groove.
 Shock Body Assembly step 26 Shock Body Assembly step 26.1
Install the circlip, reinstall the reservoir cap tool, and
pull the cap up to the circlip.
 Shock Body Assembly step 27Shock Body Assembly step 27.1 Shock Body Assembly step 27.2
Remove the reservoir tool and install the valve stem. Shock Body Assembly step 28
Using a low-pressure pump, fill the bladder to around
40 to 60 PSI. This will seat the reservoir cap to the
circlip, as well as force oil into the shock body.
 Shock Body Assembly step 29
Step 19: Fill the shock body halfway with oil. Shock Body Assembly step 30
Step 20: Install the shock shaft, working it up and
down to remove any trapped air.  As you go,
continue filling the shock body with oil.
 Shock Body Assembly step 31Shock Body Assembly step 31.1
DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SEAT THE SEAL HEAD! Shock Body Assembly step 32Shock Body Assembly step 32.1
Step 22: Release the pressure from the reservoir
bladder and remove the valve stem. This will allow
the bladder to compress, making room for the
seal head.
 Shock Body Assembly step 33
Step 23: Using your seal head setting tool, pound
the seal head into the shaft body just enough for
the circlip groove to be exposed.
 Shock Body Assembly step 34
Install the circlip and valve stem. Shock Body Assembly step 35Shock Body Assembly step 35.1
Step 24: Inflate the bladder to 40 to 60 PSI to
seat the seal head against the circlip.
 Shock Body Assembly step 36Shock Body Assembly step 36.1
Step 25: Pump the shock shaft and check for any
obvious leaks at the seal head and reservoir.
 Shock Body Assembly step 37
Step 26: Install the shock body cap.  Hammer lightly
around the edge of the cap, so it seats evenly.*The punch holes in the cap also act as weep holes so
you can check for slow leaks in the future.
 Honda CR250 Rear Shock Assembly - Shock Body Assembly step 38
Let the shock sit for a while, then come back and
test the action again while checking for leaks.
 Shock Body Assembly step 39
Step 27: Install the spring, plate, and circlip. Tighten the
preload adjustment nut, and fill with 150 – 200 PSI of NITROGEN!*You will need to go to a shop for the nitrogen.
 Shock Body Assembly step 40.1 Shock Body Assembly step 40.2 Shock Body Assembly step 40.3 Shock Body Assembly step 40

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