1997-2001 Honda CR250 Kickstarter Maintenance Part 3: Installation

This is Part 3 of the step-by-step Kickstarter maintenance for your 1997-2001 Honda CR250 Dirt Bike.

You can find Part 1: Removal here, and Part 2: Inspection here.

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Follow along with the video below!

1997-2001 Honda CR250 Kickstarter Installation

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Step 24: Install the idle gear with the smooth side
out. Install the Kickstarter bushing with the shoulder on the inside of the idle gear.
Step 24: Install Idle GearStep 24.1: Install Idle Gear Step 24.2: Install Idle Gear
Step 25: Install the Kickstarter assembly. Make
sure the ratchet stopper arm rests behind the
ratchet stopper.
Step 25: Install Kickstarter Assembly
Step 26: Install the return spring into the rank shaft.Step 26: Install Return Spring
Step 27: Install a new crankcase cover gasket.Step 27: Install Gasket
Step 28: Install the crankcase cover.  You will need
to rotate the water pump fins to lineup the water
pump gear teeth with the primary gear teeth.
Step 28: Install Crank Case Cover
Step 29: Install the water pump with a new gasket.Step 29: Install Water Pump w/ New GasketStep 29.1: Install Water Pump w/ New Gasket
Step 30: Bolt down the crank case cover.Step 30: Bolt Down crank Case Cover
Step 31: Install the clutch cover.Step 31: Install Clutch Cover
Step 32: Install the kickstarter lever.Step 32: Install Kickstarter Lever
Step 33: Torque the kickstarter bolt.

  • 1997-2000: 20 ft.lb
  • 2001 : 28 ft.lb
Step 33: Torque Kickstarter Bolt
Step 34: Reconnect the coolant line.Step 34: Connect Coolant Line

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