1997-2001 Honda CR250 Kickstarter Maintenance Part 2: Inspection

This is Part 2 of the step-by-step Kickstarter maintenance for your 1997-2001 Honda CR250 Dirt Bike.

You can find Part 1: Removal here, and Part 3: Installation here.

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1997-2001 Honda CR250 Kickstarter Inspection

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Step 9: On a clean, flat surface, disassemble the kickstarter assembly. Step 9: Disassemble Kickstarter
Step 10: The snap ring retains the interior thrust washer.
If the snap ring is tight, DO NOT remove it. However, if
the snap ring is even slightly loose; it needs to be replaced.
Step 10: Snap Ring
Step 11: Inspect the return spring for tension, unusual
bends, breaks, or any signs of excessive wear.
Step 11: Return Spring
Step 12: Inspect the ratchet spring for the same issues.
This spring is light and is meant to be compressed to
under 1/4 inch when installed.
Step 12: Ratchet Spring
Step 13: Inspect the ratchet inner splines, ratchet
teeth, and stopper arm.
Step 13: Ratchet
Step 14: Check the pinion gear for a smooth bore,
straight gear teeth and ratchet teeth.
Step 14: Pinion Gear
Step 15: Inspect the collar.  The collar keeps the return
spring in place.  Check for wear around the opening and exterior.
Step 15: Collar
Step 16: Make sure the exterior thrust washer is
still flat and smooth.
Step 16: Thrust Washer
Step 17: Inspect the following parts of the spindle.
If any of the following parts are worn out the spindle needs to be

  • Kickstarter lever splines
  • Ratchet splines
  • Bore
  • Spring mounting hole
Step 17: SpindleStep 17.1: SpindleStep 17.2: SpindleStep 17.3: Spindle
Step 18: Measure the idle gear bushing inside and
outside diameter.

  • Outside Service Limit: 19.96mm
  • Inside Service Limit: 17.04mm


 Step 18: Measure Idle Gear BushingStep 18.1: Measure Idle Gear Bushing
Step 19: Measure the idle gear bore.

  • Service Limit: 20.07mm
Step 19: Measure Idle Gear
Step 20: Measure pinion gear bore.

  • Service Limit: 20.05mm
Step 20: Measure Pinion Gear
Step 21: Assemble the kickstarter.

  • The punch on the bore and the punch on the ratchet
    need to line up.
  • The ratchet spring will sit loosely around the ratchet.
Step 21: Assemble KickstarterStep 21.1: Assemble KickstarterStep 21.2: Assemble KickstarterStep 21.3 Assemble KickstarterStep 21.4: Assemble Kickstarter
Step 22: Check the pinion bore in the crankcase for
smoothness, and the ratchet stopper breakage.
Step 22: Pinion Bore & Stopper Step 22.1: Pinion Bore & Stopper
Step 23: Measure the countershaft.

  • Service Limit:16.95mm
Step 23: Measure Countershaft

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