1997-2001 Honda CR250 Fork Maintenance Part 3: Assembly

This is the Honda CR250 Fork Assembly, part 3 of the step-by-step rebuild for 1998-2001 Showa 47mm suspension forks.

You can find Part 1: Removal here, and Part 2: Inspection here.

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1997-2001 Honda CR250 Fork Assembly & Installation

Click here to open the Fork service specifications sheet in a new window.

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Step 41: Connect the fork tubesHonda CR250 Fork Assembly 41 connect the fork tubes
Step 42: Place the guide bushing42 place the guide bushing
Step 43: Place the backup ring43 place backup ring
Step 44: Assemble fork seal driver44 assemble fork seal driver
Step 45: Seat guide bushing45 seat guide bushing
Step 46: Place oil seal46 place oil seal
Step 47: Seat oil seal47 seat oil seal
Step 48: Install lock ring48 install lock ring
Step 49: Place dust seal49 place oil seal
Step 50: Seat dust seal50 seat dust seal
Step 51: Hang compression unit in a vertical vise51 hand compression unit in a vertical vise
Step 52: Add fork oil – 180 ml52 add fork oil
Step 53: Pump piston53 pump piston
Step 54: Set oil level – 5-10 mm

The oil level is measured from the fork cap shoulder to the top of the oil.

54 set oil level
Step 55: Coat fork damper assembly with oil55 coat fork cap assembly with oil
Step 56: Seat fork damper assembly56 seat fork cap assembly
Step 57: Torque fork damper assembly

  • 199787 ft-lb
    • Lock Screw (1997) – 6 inch pounds
  • 1998-200140 ft-lb
57 torque fork cap assembly
Step 58: Pump piston 100mm (4 in.) to void excess air58 pump piston 4 inshes
Step 59: Seat lock nut59 seat lock nut
Step 60: Make sure rebound clicker is backed out all the way60 make sure rebound slicker is backed out all the way
Step 61: Pump the rebound damper piston several times to bleed any trapped air61 pump piston61.1
Step 62: Drain bled oil62 drain bled oil
Step 63: Remove air bleeder screw (remember to
put it back!
63 remove air bleeder screw
Step 64: Hang compression unit upside down
for 10 minutes to fully drain excess oil
64 hang compression unit upside down for 10 minutes
Step 65: Pump the piston again65 pump the piston again
Step 66: Lay the compress unit flat and pump
the piston in
66 compress piston
Step 67: Release piston, if the piston does not
fully extend on its own, repeat the bleeding process
67 release piston
Step 68: Install spring (Click here to ID your spring)68 install spring
Step 69: Install compression unit69 install compression unit
Step 70: Thread tube to cap70 thread tube to cap
Step 71: Install rod stopper71 install rod stopper
Step 72: Install push rod making sure it is
lined up
72 install push rod
Step 73: Install the center bolt in the piston73 install center bolt to piston
Step 74: Make sure thread gap is correct – 1.5-2mm74 make sure thread gap is correct
Step 75: Tighten lock nut to center bolt75 tighten lock nut to center bolt
Step 76: Torque damper (compression unit)
lock nut

  • Lock Nut – 16 ft-lb
76 torque center bolt and lock nut
Step 77: Remove rod stopper77 remove rod stopper
Step 78: Torque center bolt to the tube – 51 ft-lb78 torque center bolt to tube
Step 79: Unscrew cap again79 unscrew cap again
Step 80: Add oil to the tube

The spring rate determines how much oil to
put into the fork tube

80 add oil to tube
Step 81: Reassemble the fork cap for the
last time
81 reasemble cap last time
Step 82: Install your fork on the triple clamp82 install fork on tree
Step 83: Torque lower bridge bolts only – 15 ft-lb83 torque lower brige bolts only
Step 84: Torque fork cap

  • 1997 – 40 ft-lb
  • 1998-2001 – 22 ft-lb

(Torque upper bridge bolts – 16 ft-lb)

Honda CR250 Fork Assembly Step 84: Torque Fork Cap

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