1997-2001 Honda CR250 Fork Maintenance Part 2: Inspection

This is PART 2 of the step-by-step rebuild for 1998-2001 Showa 47mm suspension forks.

You can find Part 1: Disassembly here, and Part 3: Installation here.

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Follow along with the video below!

1997-2001 Honda CR250 Front Fork Inspection

Step 17: Remove old O-rings and bushing from fork cap assembly17 remove old orings and bushing from fork cap assembly17.117.217.317.4
Step 18: Clean and inspect the fork cap assembly18 clean and inspect the fork cap assembly18.1
Step 19: This fork kit does not come with one big bushing. Instead, it comes with two small bushings that equal the size of the old bushing.19 this kit dose not come with one big bushing
Step 20: Set fork cap assembly bushing seams on opposite sides to prevent oil seepage20 fork cap assembly seam opposite sides
Step 21: Install new O-rings21 install new o rings
Step 22: Clean and inspect the fork compression unit (damper)22 clean and inspect compression unit
Step 23: Remove compression unit bushing23 remove compression unit bushing
Step 24: Clean compression unit bushing groove24 clean compression unit booshing groove
Step 26: Remove and replace compression unit O-ring26 remove and replace compression unit o ring
Step 27: Remove the fork slider bushing from the slider tube27 remove slider bushing from slider tube


Step 28: Remove other fork seals and bushings28 remove other seals and bushings
Step 29: Save the stop ring and backup ring29 save the stop ring and backup ring
Step 30: Clean and inspect the fork slider30 clean and inspect slider30.1
Step 31: Remove and replace outer wear ring31 remove and replace outer wear ring
Step 32: Wrap the fork slider tube in plastic wrap32 wrap slider tube in plastic wrap
Step 33: Make sure the dust seal flange is facing down33 make sure dust seal flange is facing down
Step 34: Install dust seal34 install dust seal
Step 35: Install stop ring35 install stop ring
Step 36: Oil seal directions36 oil seal directions
Step 37: Install the fork oil seal37 install oil seal
Step 38: Install backup ring38 install backup ring
Step 39: Install guide bushing39 install guide bushing
Step 40: Install fork slider bushing40 install slider bushing

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