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1997-2001 Honda CR250 Clutch Service & Torque Specifications

1997-2001 Honda CR250 Clutch Service & Torque Specifications

1997 -2001 Honda CR250 - Service Specifications - Clutch Specifications

Below you will find the service limits and torque specifications for the following 1997-2001 Honda CR250 2-stroke dirt bike components.


CR250 Clutch Service Specifications

Service Limit
Clutch Friction Plate Thickness2.92-3.082.85
Clutch Disc Warp – 0.20
Clutch Spring Free Length 45.7 44.7
Clutch Outer Guide – Outer Diameter 27.987-28.000 27.97
Kickstarter Pinion Gear Inner Diameter 22.007-22.02822.05
Kickstarter Spindle Outer Diameter 21.959-21.980 21.95
Kickstarter Idle Gear Inner Diameter 20.020-20.041 20.07
Kickstarter Idle Gear Bushing Inside Diameter 17-17.018 17.04
Kickstarter Idle Gear Bushing Outside Diameter 19.979-20.00019.96
Countershaft Outer Diameter at Kickstarter idle Gear 16.966-16.984 16.95


Clutch Torque Specifications

Clutch Center Locknut8059
Clutch Lever Pivot Bolt218
Clutch Lever Pivot Nut1088
Clutch Lever Holder Bolts980
Clutch Spring Bolts1088
Kickstarter Bolt
– 1997-20002620
– 20013828
Primary Drive Gear Bolt6447
Shift Drum Bearing Retainer Plate Screw1088
Shift Drum Stopper Bolt 12106
Shift Drum Center Pin 2216
Shift Lever Bolt12106
Flywheel Nut – – 40


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