1997-2001 Honda CR250 Clutch Maintenance Part 3: Installation

This is the 1997-2001 Honda CR250 Clutch Install, Part 3 of the step-by-step clutch maintenance series. You can find Part 1: Removal here, and Part 2: Inspection here.

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You will need to reference the Service & Torque Specs table for the installation process.

Watch the video below to get an idea of how your Honda CR250 Clutch Install will go.

1997-2001 Honda CR250 Clutch Install

Click here to open the service limits and torque specification chart in a new window.

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Step 33: Install the clutch lifer lever.Honda CR250 Clutch Install - Step 33: Install Lifter Lever
Step 34: Connect the clutch cable.Step 34: Attach Clutch Cable
Step 35: Install the stator.Step 35: Install Stator
Step 36: Install the clutch outer guide and needle bearing.Step 36: Install Guide & Bearing
Step 37: Install the clutch outer basket.
You will need to line up the clutch inner gear teeth with the idle gear, and the outer teeth with the primary drive gear.
Step 37: Install Clutch OuterStep 37.1: Install Clutch Outer
Step 38: Install the inner thrust washer.Step 38: Install Thrust Washer
Step 39: Install the clutch inner.Step 39: Install Clutch Inner
Step 40: Install the outer thrust washer and lock washer.Step 40: Install 2nd Washer & Lock WasherStep 40.1: Install 2nd Washer & Lock Washer
Step 41: Install the center bolt.Step 41: Install Center Bolt
Step 42: Bolt the clutch holder tool to the clutch inner using the clutch spring bolts.
(You can build your clutch holder tool for under $3, click here for instructions.)
Step 42: Atach Home Made Clutch Holder
Step 43: Torque the center nut (59 ft.lb) and remove the holder tool.Step 43: Torque Center Nut
Step 44: Fold the small edge of the lock washer up against the side of the center nut.  Get the tab as flat as possible.Step 44: Fold In Lock Washer
New Clutch: The clutch discs and springs in this 1997 Honda CR250 were out of spec so we will be installing a new Tusk heavy duty clutch kit.New Tusck Clutch Kit
Step 45: Install the clutch plates and friction discs.

  • The friction discs and clutch plates will alternate, starting with a friction disc.
  • Coat both sides of each disc and plate as you install them.
Step 45: Install Clutch Pack
Step 46: Install the lifter and lifter rod.Step 46: Install Lifter & Rod
Step 47: Install the pressure plate and springs.Step 47: Install Pressure Plate & SpringsStep 47.1: Install Pressure Plate & Springs
Step 48: Tighten the clutch spring bolts in a crossing pattern to ensure even pressure.Step 48: Install Springs
49: Torque the clutch spring bolts (88 in.lb) using the same crossing pattern.

*INCH pounds

Step 49: Torque Clutch Springs Bolts
Step 50: Test the clutch lifter and spring operation.

  • Pull the clutch lever to make sure the lifter lever is connected to the rod.
  • With the clutch engaged, push the friction plates back and forth to check for smooth operation.
  • Place the bike in 1st gear then manually rotate the rear tire with operating the clutch in and out. The clutch will not work as you would expect because the plates are not broken in. The purpose of this test is to make sure everything is rotating correctly.
 Step 50: Test Clutch OperationStep 50.1: Test Clutch Operation Step 50.2: Test Clutch Operation
Step 51: Install the flywheel.

  • Make sure the notch in the flywheel is lined up with the woodruff key.
  • Install the washer and nut
  • Jam the primary drive gear with a wide flat screwdriver to keep the crankshaft from turning.
  • Torque the flywheel bolt (40 ft.lb).
  • Install the flywheel cover.

NOTE: Be extremely careful when jamming the primary drive gear.  Make sure the screwdriver is flat on the teeth.  If you have a flywheel holder, use it!

Step 51: Install FlywheelStep 51.1: Install Flywheel Step 51.2: Install Flywheel Step 51.3: Install Flywheel Step 51.4: Install Flywheel
Step 52: Install a new crank cover gasket.Step 52: Install New Gasket
Step 53: Install the crank case cover.

  • The tab on the rear of the cover needs to clear the frame, so you will need to install the rear of the cover first.
  • Be careful as you install the cover, the kickstarter spring may pop out of the the crank case.
  • Rotate the water pump fins so the gear lines up with the primary drive gear.
  • Tap the case with a hammer if you need to.
Step 53: Install Crank Case Cover
Step 54: Install new gaskets on the water pump cover.Step 54: Install New Water Pump Gasket
Step 55: Install the water pump cover.Step 55: Install Water Pump Cover
Step 56: Bolt down the crank case cover.

This is where knowing what bolt goes where comes in very handy!

Step 56: Bolt Down Crank Case CoverStep 56.1: Bolt Down Crank Case Cover
Step 57: Install a new O-ring and install the clutch cover.Step 57: Install Clutch CoverStep 57.1: Install Clutch Cover
Step 58: Install the kickstarter lever.Step 58: Install The Kickstarter Lever
Step 59: Torque the kickstarter lever bolt.

Step 58: Install The Kickstarter Lever
Step 60: Connect the coolant line.Honda CR250 Clutch Install - Step 60: Connect Coolant Line

Remember to refill the

Coolant and Oil!

 Be Careful!


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