1997-2001 Honda CR250 Kickstarter Maintenance Part 2: Inspection

This is Part 2 of the step-by-step Kickstarter maintenance for your 1997-2001 Honda CR250 Dirt Bike.

You can find Part 1: Removal here, and Part 3: Installation here.

Remember, if you need parts and tools you can get them HERE.

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1997-2001 Honda CR250 Kickstarter Inspection

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Step 9: On a clean, flat surface, disassemble the kickstarter assembly. Step 9: Disassemble Kickstarter
Step 10: The snap ring retains the interior thrust washer.
If the snap ring is tight, DO NOT remove it. However, if
the snap ring is even slightly loose, it needs to be replaced.
Step 10: Snap Ring
Step 11: Inspect the return spring for tension, unusual
bends, breaks, or any signs of excessive wear.
Step 11: Return Spring
Step 12: Inspect the ratchet spring for the same issues.
This spring is light and is meant to be compressed to
under 1/4 inch when installed.
Step 12: Ratchet Spring
Step 13: Inspect the ratchet inner splines, ratchet
teeth, and stopper arm.
Step 13: Ratchet
Step 14: Check the pinion gear for a smooth bore,
straight gear teeth, and ratchet teeth.
Step 14: Pinion Gear
Step 15: Inspect the collar.  The collar keeps the return
spring in place.  Check for wear around the opening and exterior.
Step 15: Collar
Step 16: Make sure the exterior thrust washer is
still flat and smooth.
Step 16: Thrust Washer

Step 17: Inspect the following parts of the spindle.
If any of the following parts are worn out the spindle needs to be

  • Kickstarter lever splines
  • Ratchet splines
  • Bore
  • Spring mounting hole
Step 17: SpindleStep 17.1: SpindleStep 17.2: SpindleStep 17.3: Spindle
Step 18: Measure the idle gear bushing inside and
outside diameter.

  • Outside Service Limit: 19.96mm
  • Inside Service Limit: 17.04mm


 Step 18: Measure Idle Gear BushingStep 18.1: Measure Idle Gear Bushing
Step 19: Measure idle gear bore.

  • Service Limit: 20.07mm
Step 19: Measure Idle Gear
Step 20: Measure pinion gear bore.

  • Service Limit: 20.05mm
Step 20: Measure Pinion Gear
Step 21: Assemble the kickstarter.

  • The punch on the bore and the punch on the ratchet
    need to line up.
  • The ratchet spring will sit loosely around the ratchet.
Step 21: Assemble KickstarterStep 21.1: Assemble KickstarterStep 21.2: Assemble KickstarterStep 21.3 Assemble KickstarterStep 21.4: Assemble Kickstarter
Step 22: Check the pinion bore in the crank case for
smoothness, and the ratchet stopper breakage.
Step 22: Pinion Bore & Stopper Step 22.1: Pinion Bore & Stopper
Step 23: Measure the countershaft.

  • Service Limit:16.95mm
Step 23: Measure Countershaft

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